Message from the President

25 years creating long-term relationships

Twenty-five years ago, we undertook the most challenging and motivating path: To create a company in Latin America dedicated to uniting the improvement of business processes and the global expansion of large corporations, using technology as an essential enabler. This journey witnessed enormous challenges. However, the strategic and long-term vision has allowed us to become the first Multi-Latin consulting firm to set the pace for value-added services in the region.

Sustained growth, based on an innovative and a high added value approach, has now made us leaders in Digital Business Transformation (dBT). We bring concrete and measurable value to our clients through a transformation that enhances the overall experience for users. We seek to converge digital technologies, new models and the way in which companies do business, by integrating processes and human capital.

However, the greatest merit and the essence of gA’s success has been the building of long-term relationships with our business partners and clients, based on values that have remained intact for a quarter of a century. We are fulfilling the dream that began with 17 entrepreneurs in a bar in the Retiro area of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today, that dream has turned into 1,400 people working in 11 offices throughout Latin the Americas, and providing services to 41 countries around the world.

gA values-driven DNA urges us to continue to grow and innovate while focusing on sustainable growth and the company we want to be in the coming years. In 2015, we opened the Miami office, consolidating its growth this year with five new world-class clients in the Life Science industry. Furthermore, since its creation in 2013, the gA Center for Digital Business Transformation (cdBT) has been publishing our research. Our latest study, ‘Digital Ecosystems: Innovation and Disruption in Latin America’, analyzes, in depth, the meaning of digital transformation from the perspective of business strategy, and defines a widely-used, but not largely conceptualized notion: disruption. We capture gA’s strategic differentiating approach, understanding that digital transformation stems from the integration of the consumer side w ith the industrial side; involving the entire value chain from consumer to distribution, manufacturing and procurement.

We are a company that makes things happen. Therefore, in addition to creating and sharing knowledge through this publication, we developed a new company, PARABOLT, to implement our dBT approach to the creation of digital products. PARABOLT is a disruptive digital transformation incubator that considers companies all-digital, leaving traditional consulting behind. Through its product portfolio and the creation of ecosystems, the new company stimulates and nourishes gA’s value proposition, and generates a new business model that develops and markets recurring and scalable intellectual property; thereby creating shared value and reinforcing the importance of collaborative economics for sustainable development.

This anniversary is merely another milestone on the long road that we plan to take in the digital age. In terms of sustainable management, we have a strategic plan with a 2020 time frame that defines our long-term goals and directs our actions based on our vision to ‘generate sustainable development by transforming businesses, organizations and communities.’ This allows us to create a culture guiding the behavior of all our collaborators at gA towards sustainable development, and being true agents of transformation for the Company and our clients.

We proudly present this 5th Sustainability Report, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards in sustainability: the United Nations Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative.

At gA we are disruptive, and think digital. We invite you to cross your analog barriers and join us with ideas and proposals, as only through shared value will we see concrete sustainability-oriented results in the new age.

Message from the VP Corporate Development

Five years ago, we took an important step in the accountability of the Company’s performance in its triple impact, publishing its first Report on Sustainability. Today, I am proud to present gA’s 5th Sustainability Report, showing our significant journey in managing and communicating our performance in the field of sustainability for 2016.

We continue on the path of innovation in our reporting; optimizing the digital format to get closer to our stakeholders and readers. This reporting process allows us to further systematize management indicators and identify opportunities for improvement together, with all key areas of the Company geared to comply with the strategic plan by 2020.

Our Digital Business Transformation (dBT) approach helps our clients prepare to adopt what we call ‘proactive disruption.’ Through our value proposition for business transformation, we continue enhancing the overall user experience.

While the Company was affected by the unfavorable macroeconomic conditions in the region, the United States and Mexico offices strengthened their operations over the last 2 years. It was also a year in which we continued to gain a positive impact on innovation.

The gA Center for Digital Business Transformation (cdBT) maintained its commitment to generate and share knowledge and drive the digitalization process in companies, throughout Latin America. A second book was published, "Digital ecosystems: innovation and disruption in Latin America".

We seek to strengthen ourselves as an organization with a challenging and appealing value proposition to our employees. We provide diverse knowledge, such as industry-focused technological and methodological solutions, as well as training in soft skills. We have incorporated the sustainability variable into our talent management model, which guarantees the development of people at gA. In this way, we fully assess our staff for their participation in social investment and environmental programs.

We have made progress in a revised version of our Values and Code of Ethics, including the definition of our values, of the desired behaviors inside and outside the Company, the commitment to our business partners and the community, and respect for human rights. As a novelty, we will promptly establish mechanisms to ensure compliance with the Code, through an anonymous ethics line allowing for transparency and the active listening of our collaborators.

We continued our commitment to quality education. We provide knowledge, tools and skills to young people to enter the labor market and join the academic world. During 2016, we accompanied 512 youths through our Fostering a Future (“Formando Futuro”) program, and 474 youths with Education 3.0. In addition, together with Puerta 18, SAP and the Ministry of Labor, we promoted the employability program Work to Grow ("Trabajo para crecer") aimed at socially vulnerable young people with high potential and specific job training.

Through 23 alliances with not-for-profit organizations, we conducted awareness campaigns and events with global reach, as well as implementing recycling and volunteering actions to promote cultural change towards responsible consumption.

We would like to especially thank our teams at gA, who, through their contribution and enthusiasm, drive us to seek and develop strategies to manage our business in a responsible manner, and to be closer to our stakeholders. A special thanks to all those who contributed to this Sustainability Report, which we eagerly present today as part of our 25th anniversary.