Caring the environment is one of the pillars of our Sustainability Corporate Strategy. We seek to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of it and to promote sustainable practices and habits to minimize the impact of gA on the planet.

Environmental Statement

We are committed to the environmental challenges facing the world, protecting the environment is hence one of the pillars of our sustainable management. We seek to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable habits and practices to minimize gA’s impact on the planet.

Based on the definition of our Sustainability Strategy, we take on long-term commitments that define our roadmap to sustainable environmental management:

Develop solutions that promote the efficient use of resources

As a leading company in digital transformation, we seek to promote progress, learning, and innovation to create solutions that foster the efficient use of the planet resources. To this end, we work to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of our company on the most relevant issues for our business in the fields of energy, water, paper, waste and mobility, using global metrics.
  • Collaborate with the achievement of the sustainable development goals 12 and 13 relating to responsible consumption and the combat against climate change.
  • Promote creativity among our staff to find green solutions, and forge closer ties with clients to reduce environmental impact.
Promote the 4Rs culture

We invest in education as the motor of change in everything we do and as a hub to promote environmental protection. We therefore seek to promote the culture of Rethink, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, with employees as agents of internal change as well as in their community. With this objective, we work on:

  • Promoting the responsible use of work resources and materials.
  • Favoring sustainable value chains.
  • Rethinking the use of technologies and promoting the recycling of electronic waste.
Promote responsible practices throughout our value chain

We are committed to generate, share and disseminate knowledge, promoting sustainable practices throughout our value chain. To realize this commitment, we want to:

  • Mainstream the sustainability perspective to the company’s procurement system.
  • Develop initiatives to promote inclusive purchases in the value chain.
  • Involve our clients, exchanging knowledge of responsible procurement.


23 alliances with organizations to protect the environment.
"Empresa+ Verde" award to gA Tandil by the Punto Verde Civil Association.
44 ‘gAGreeneros’ volunteers and 119 hours of volunteer work
Development of the Travel Requests app to make employees’ transfer more efficient.
28% increase in double-sided printouts compared to 2015 in Brazil, reaching 40.5%.
298 virtual servers, reducing environmental impact.
28% increase in the use of the Blue Jeans digital platform, avoiding more than 82 million km of air travel for meetings and communications.
226.607 kg of recycled material.


Mexico Colombia Brazil Argentina
Buenos Aires
  • Cooperativa El Ceibo RSU
  • Fundación Garrahan
  • Ecovolta
  • Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Equidad
  • Qué reciclo
  • Hogar Matecito - San Marcos
  • En la lona reciclados
  • Fundación Chacras
  • Fundación Siloé
  • Municipalidad de Tandil
  • Punto limpio
  • Taller protegido
  • Colegio Nuestro Tierra
  • Molino Lamuna
  • Instituto Beneficente Viva a Vida
  • Multilixo
  • Ecoponto
  • Posto 1
  • Municipalidade de São Paulo
  • Fundación Eudes - Hogar Verónica
  • Secretaría de Medio Ambiente de la Ciudad de México

gA Green

We promote in our employees a cultural change for the adoption of sustainable habits and practices that minimize gA’s impact on the planet. We work to raise awareness about the various environmental problems and implement initiatives to efficiently use the resources of the planet.

How we do it


We adhered again to the Earth Hour, a new global event powered by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which promotes awareness on climate change through a voluntary electricity shut down. The initiative’s goal is not only to save energy, but also to raise awareness on the need to use sustainable power sources, in addition to ask for political commitment to stop global heating resulting from climate change.

All the staff were called to participate in the initiative by sharing a picture in the Gain internal social network with a flyer to disseminate and make the message viral in every location we operate.

Employees posting pictures in Argentina and Tandil offices participated in a raffle of prizes manufactured by social entrepreneurs with waste materials.

We collaborated by carrying out awareness actions, turning off the lights of all the offices and electronic devices, as well as air conditioners.

‘The concept of sustainability is so strong that it is difficult to oppose it. As regards environmental sustainability, I feel that some people interpret that the planet must be taken care of as if it was a vulnerable and distant object. I always emphasize that we are talking about taking care of the habitat of our species, our home. The Earth has undergone aggressive and extreme conditions several times, and survived. We are the ones who cannot survive. Abusing the planet is damaging our own future quality of life. It is like excessive use of a credit card that offers me satisfaction today, but that I will have to pay with interest one day. I hope that this selfish message helps those who have a position to reflect with the same adjective. Think green, live green, be green!’.

gA’s employee


We carried out again a global action due to the Environment Day on June 5, for the purpose of achieving the goal of working to contribute to the environment care in all our offices.

More about this action


This year, we used banners in every office to reach employees with awareness messages and campaigns on the key resources that need to be cared about: Water, Energy, Paper, and the importance of recycling. In addition, these messages were disseminated through the Gain internal social network with posts every week.

Mobility survey

On the other hand, as we moved to other offices in Mexico, this year we launched a survey to know how our staff travel to work and the relevant environmental impact. This study will be useful to make, in 2017, specific action plans based on the results obtained.

224 people surveyed
37,22% of employees use public transportation to reach work
75% is willing to share the vehicle with their workmates to travel to work
81,70% of employees is willing to travel in another employee’s vehicle
85,98% of employees who use a car to travel to the office use their own car


We have carried out more awareness workshops on environmental subjects with strategic partners:

2 workshops - CIANE and Taller Protegido
124 participants
Buenos Aires
5 workshops - Buenos Aires City Government, KCP, Fundación Garrahan, El Ceibo, and Equidad
220 hours of training

Throughout this period, we have continued to deepen the alliances with civil society organizations and with local governments to join waste recycling and separation in origin in order to minimize environmental impact.

226.607 kg total
2.257 kg of paper
683 kg of plastic
447,3 kg of metal
298,2 kg of glass
219.875 kg of electronic waste
42,2 kg of batteries
3.004 kg of others

Recycled materials by weight, region and destination

Materials Weight (in kg) Region Destination
Paper, cardboard 1.194 kg Argentina Hospital Garrahan recycling program in Buenos Aires
115,9kg Argentina NGO CIANE and NGO Fundación Hospital de Niños in Tandil
947 kg Brazil Multilixo Organization
Plastic 52 kg Argentina Hospital Garrahan recycling program in Buenos Aires
62 kg Argentina NGO CIANE and NGO Fundación Hospital de Niños in Tandil
568 kg Brazil Multilixo Organization
1 kg Colombia Municipality of Bogotá
Metal 19,3kg Argentina Clean Point in Tandil
428kg Brazil Multilixo Organization
Glass 160,2kg Argentina Clean Point in Tandil
138 kg Brazil Multilixo Organization
Electronic waste 219.000 kg Argentina Electronic Waste Recycling campaign for Fundación Equidad and Que Reciclo organization
875 kg México Participation in SEDEMA’s Reciclatrón (Recycling Day)
Batteries 3,2 kg Argentina Ciane Clean Point in Tandil
12kg Brazil Government’s Ecoponto Program
24 kg Argentina Ecovolta in Buenos Aires
3 kg Colombia ANDI (Colombian National Business Association) organization - Ecopoint
Other 1.629 kg Argentina Ceibo
Other (banners) 30 kg Argentina En la Lona recycling
Other 1.345kg Brazil Multilixo Organization

Empresa + Verde Award

We were invited to participate in Café Verde, a meeting held at the Enterprise Chamber with the theme ‘The Environment and SMEs.’ This was part of the activities scheduled due to the Environment Week, organized by UNICEN and different city organizations. Within such event framework, the Punto Verde Civil Organization granted gA Tandil the ‘Empresa + Verde’ Award, for having started the 3R action program through gA Green.

Our community of volunteers self called ‘gA GREENEROS’ are the ones leading the environmental habit and practice change in gA.

In 2016, the strategy was modified towards the formation of local working teams to discuss each country’s challenges and the possibility of accompanying current public environmental policies. In total, 11 meetings were held at Lima’s corporate offices, 8 in Tandil (Argentina), and 2 in São Paulo (Brazil).

Some initiatives carried out by this community included awareness workshops, waste separation and eco-brick manufacture campaigns, as well as the promotion of plastic glass avoidance, among others. In addition, we implemented satisfaction surveys on the actions carried out for volunteers in order to know their concerns and expectations.

44 volunteers "gAgreeneros"
119 hours devoted to volunteer service
96% of volunteers recommend participation
Countries Volunteers Volunteer hours
Argentina 35 volunteers 94 hours devoted to volunteer service
Chile 1 volunteers 5 hours devoted to volunteer service
Brazil 6 volunteers 12 hours devoted to volunteer service
Mexico 2 volunteers 8 hours devoted to volunteer service

‘I enjoyed visiting the Paper Mill. I learned the paper production process using vegetable fibers and became aware of the work and time spent in making paper, so it encourages me to control and measure paper use.’

’Being supportive is a value that encourages us to be better human beings and better employees at gA. We learn by taking action!’

‘Reality changes through action, and doing this type of things is the only way to improve. Empowering and rewarding!’

gAgreeneros volunteers

We incorporated eco-efficiency criteria into the corporate buildings where our offices are located. In Mexico, we carried out an office unification and moved to an environmentally friendly office containing movement sensors, intelligent elevators, green space, as well as a decreased consumption in general terms. In 2016, we incorporated led lighting and dimmers in the kitchen, hallways, and television areas.

In Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, actions are taken to optimize and reduce energy consumption. In Chile, led lighting has started to be incorporated, as well as light turning-on and central heating equipment time control. In Argentina, lighting is being replaced by low-consumption and led. In Brazil, an energy efficiency study is being carried out for the building where we have our corporate offices and delivery center.

Green IT

Set of initiatives to leverage technology to achieve the efficient use of paper and energy, and reduce the carbon emissions generated by our activities.


We implemented a printing control system together with an awareness campaign with the slogan "Your paper is double".

46% of printout was double sided in Argentina
40,5% of printout was double sided in Brazil
28% increase in double-sided printouts compared to 2015 in Brazil
Offices Number of printouts
Tandil 22.680
Buenos Aires 226.722
México 123.013
Brazil 31.046
Total 403.461

Technology for collaboration

We are working to develop and harness more collaborative technology and online communication to avoid unnecessary travel and increase productivity.

Internal social network Gain
Substantial improvement was made by a multidisciplinary and multi-sector team in this network, making it revive. We launched its new look and feel and more features increasing its use flow, both for content generation and for people’s participation.

VoIP phone system
For making calls between the different gA offices free of cost.

Blue Jeans system
Allows all countries to make cost-free videoconferences from multiple sites, using multiple devices. In 2016, we recorded 28% use increase, reaching 7,715 meetings, 1,725,460 minutes and savings for 7,479,247 dollars in travel costs, and 9,479 metric tons of emissions.


2015 2016
45.461.002 82.768.476
89.835 83.567
597 458

Technology for Operating Efficiency

We are working on the virtualization of our servers for energy efficiency and to maximize the use of technology and innovation. we have reduced environmental impact, improved workplace quality for employees and service quality for clients, thanks to the implementation of 298 virtual servers.

Evolution of Server Virtualization

Year Physical Servers Virtual Servers
2009 46 5
2010 30 120
2011 28 132
2012 12 179
2013 7 201
2014 8 280
2015 8 254
2016 26 298

(i) During 2015 there was no investment in new servers, and the capacity of existing ones was increased through recycling. The data correspond to the sum of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.
(ii) Due to business needs, old equipment had to be put into production. These will be discharged again when the server park is renewed

Travel Requests
We have also developed the Travel Requests app that reduces consumed Co2 by 50% in transferring employees to gA in our EMEA service. This app optimizes the route mileage, number of passengers by taxi and waiting time, having achieved a reduction of 8729.4672 kg of Co2 in 2016.