Strategic Sustainability Plan

Contribute to educational and labor inclusion
  • 1,885 young people participated in 27 editions of the Fostering a Future program in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, developing skills required by the current labor market, tools for an effective job search, and receiving vocational guidance.
  • 32 gA volunteers collaborated with the Opening Windows program to bring young people to the IT sector, working in partnership with 8 companies within the framework of the program with Argencon.
  • Alliance with the Puente Loma Negra and Fostering a Future programs to develop soft skills oriented towards the labor market for young people from the Province of Buenos Aires.
Develop talents for the IT sector
  • 759 young people directly and 22,057 indirectly benefited through training to 60 secondary school teachers. They had access to cutting-edge technological content in accordance with the current labor market demands, within the scope of the Education 3.0 program.
  • An average of 28% of our employees are trained each year in our corporate volunteering program.
Promote IT-based job generation models
  • 26 young people in vulnerability situation with a high potential had their first qualified work experiences through internships in 81 entrepreneurships. This falls within the Work to grow (Trabajo para crecer) program developed by Puerta 18 and promoted by gA in alliance with SAP and the Argentine Ministry of Labor.
  • Two young people who have finished Fostering a Future joined gA as permanent employees.
Develop solutions that promote the efficient use of resources
  • Implementation of the Green IT program, which seeks to leverage technology to promote the efficient use of resources.
  • Monthly printing control in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.
  • The use of 129,000 plastic glasses has been eliminated since 2014.
  • 5860% increase of virtual services since 2009.
Promote the 4Rs culture (Rethink, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse)
  • Development of the gA Green program to promote a cultural change in favor of the adoption of sustainable habits and practices minimizing our impact on the planet.
  • Waste recycling and separation in every region, reinforced by 13 strategic alliances.
  • 1.430 volunteering hours by “gA Greeneros” during the four last years.
  • 13 environmental training workshops since 2013.
Promote responsible practices throughout our value chain
  • Meraki incubator.
  • Incorporation of sustainable suppliers for corporate and volunteers’ gifts.
Strengthen our dBT approach to promote the threefold impact
  • 670.000 hours of employee training since 2012.
  • 5 editions of the Sustainability Report issued, currently in digital version.
  • Creation of the Sustainability Committee, with the participation of senior managers, who supervise progress in business responsible management.
Form positive change agents
  • 100% of employees are evaluated in terms of sustainability through their participation in social investment and environmental programs.
  • Inclusion of gA’s sustainability objects in the onboarding process, and in training and development proposals in Argentina and Brazil.
  • 30% women presence in the Management Team.
Generate and share positive impact solutions
  • Launching of DARS (Digital Asset Reuse System) for the purpose of reuse knowledge. This tool consolidates, publishes, searches and gives access to gA’s reusable assets.
  • Creation of a new Communications Department aligned with the company’s sustainability pillars.
  • Update of the company’s introduction brochure with information on our value proposal on sustainability issues.
  • Generation of the structure necessary to document products and processes.

Our 2020 strategic plan sets the company’s long-term goals to guide its management towards sustainability. This plan is based on the vision of the company we want to be. This plan has 9 gA goals resulting from the intersection of the three differentiating pillars of gA’s essence: Technology, Education and Knowledge; with a vision of threefold Economic, Environmental and Social impact; to achieve a type of transformation that generates sustainable development and positive impact.

These commitments were developed from the creation of the Sustainability Committee through a participation process, weighing transformation needs.

This Plan specifies the objectives, goals and actions to be complied with, which in turn were translated into 14 concrete initiatives to reach them, included in gA’s Agenda for sustainable management. It paves the way towards our new way of thinking business and details the 14 projects involving all the company’s areas, with an implementation horizon in 2020.

25 years innovating and making history

The entrepreneurial essence which has distinguished us since the beginning of the Company has steered the course of these first 25 years of sustained growth. Today, we take up this foundational DNA and pass it on to our audiences through empowering actions to entrepreneurs, knowledge generation and bursting in with the companies, who like us, are joining the Digital Age in search of more and better business and value creation opportunities.

We translate this path, highlighting 25 achievements in the responsible management of our business of which we are proud, and which define the solid career we built based on professional excellence in our delivery:

We are fulfilling our dream to become one of the first technology companies to set the pace for value throughout the region.
We were originally 17 entrepreneurs: today we are more than 1350 people working around the world.
We serve 41 markets with presence through 11 offices.
We were able to evolve into a global Digital Business Transformation (dBT) company, and create value by transforming business models, processes, people and organizations.
We published the gA Center for Digital Transformation’s book, ‘Digital Ecosystems.’
We created a sound Global Alliance Network that guarantees access to leading edge technology and specialized intellectual capital to meet the complex challenges of digital transformation with a holistic view of business.
We are proud of our global alliance with Bearing Point, ABeam Consulting and West Monroe.
We appreciate the long-lasting relationships with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Arcor, who for more than 15 years have continuously chosen us to help them improve their competitiveness.
Our account strategy is based on generating long-term relationships with a solid transformation proposal and execution excellence.
45% of our revenues come from clients +10 years old.
We created the incubator Parabolt to identify and develop ideas that are generated within the gA ecosystem, and which sometimes do not find a framework and business model that make them economically appealing.
We opened the Miami office to consolidate our growing business with clients in the US, Canada and Europe.
We strengthened 23 alliances in the non profit sector to protect the environment in the regions where we operate.
We celebrate the relationship with our strategic partners, notably Oracle, Salesforce and SAP, who have seen us grow since our very beginning; generating with them innovation and products for our clients.
We have world-class corporate governance, with representation of minority shareholders and prestigious independent directors.
We define our sustainability priorities through the design and launch of the 2020 Strategic Sustainability Plan, reflecting three distinctive pillars of gA’s essence: technology, education and knowledge.
We have a Sustainability Committee, involving directors, the Company’s VP and CEO, and the sustainability department, together with a regional team.
We established the gA 25 initiative, a sustainable growth and organizational transformation program, which lays the foundations of the company we want to be. More than 160 change agents seek, promote, and reproduce the cultural shift towards inspirational leadership.
We devised the Fostering a Future program to provide knowledge, tools and skills that enable young people to enter the labor market and the academic world. Through our volunteers, along with games, exercises and simulations of actual cases, 1,885 public school youths benefited from the 27 editions of the program.
We signed the United Nations Global Compact nearly three years ago, solidifying our efforts in pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals.
We celebrate equal opportunities at gA: we have a 31% presence of women in management positions at a time when 5% is the world average within major corporations (ILO 2015).
We created the gA Center for Digital Business Transformation with the commitment to generate greater knowledge and drive the digitalization process in companies in Latin America.
We consolidated a talent management model to measure the performance of people, the evolution of their development, and alignment to key gA indicators, for all our employees.
We are committed to private social investment strategies through our main asset: knowledge. With Education 3.0, we train technical secondary school teachers with cutting-edge technological content, contributing to the updating of educational programs. This program has benefited 759 youths directly, and over 22,000 indirectly.
We participate in the Opening Windows program to bring young people to the IT sector, working in partnership with eight companies under the umbrella of Argencon.

Sustainability governance

gA’s Sustainability Committee is the highest management authority responsible for the business and it was the organ responsible for approving the Strategic Sustainability Plan, and its main objectives and goals. Its function is to ensure that transformation decisions are taken towards sustainability. The committee is formed by a team of directors and the company’s VP and CEO.

In addition, there is a Sustainability Management that works across all the company’s areas.

Training and communication on responsible management

As part of our commitment to formalize cultural policies and practices aligned to gA’s Sustainability Vision, this year we included gA’s sustainability goals in the employees onboarding process in every region. As a result, 451 joiners in Buenos Aires, Tandil, Brazil, and Mexico were trained on these matters. In addition, employees from the analyst to manager categories are evaluated on sustainability matters based on an indicator linked to these matters in talent model management.

In 2016, we carried out two awareness sessions for directors and managers in Brazil and Mexico on the Strategic Sustainability Plan.

On the other hand, leveraging the publication of the Sustainability Report, we made internal releases in each office to communicate the year progresses and the challenges in business responsible management. For the purpose of continuing disseminating our commitment to sustainability, we include notes and communications in the Gain and gAnews platforms throughout the year.

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