Sustainability Strategy

2020 roadmap toward sustainability

During 2015, gA produced a strategic plan to 2020 that sets the company’s long-term commitments in order to guide its management toward sustainability. We worked on developing a strategy that allows us to draw a roadmap to this goal.

The Strategic Plan for Sustainability has nine gA commitments, resulting from a mix of the three differentiating pillars that are the essence of gA: Technology, Education and Knowledge; with a threefold impact: Economic, Environmental and Social; to achieve a transformation that generates sustainable development and positive impact.

The commitments were decided once the Sustainability Committee was created, through a participative process that analyzed needs and opportunities.

The plan details the objectives, goals and actions for its fulfillment, which was translated into 14 specific initiatives that were reflected in the gA Agenda for sustainable management.

gA Commitments

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Highlights of the year

Journey through the DNA of gA toward sustainable management

Sustainability Governance

In 2015 we created the Sustainability Committee, made up of a team of directors, vice presidents and the CEO of the company to make decisions about sustainability management. This Committee is the highest authority regarding responsible management of the company, and was the body responsible for approving the Strategic Plan for Sustainability. Also during 2015, a Sustainability Department was officially established with its own regional team that works across all areas of the company.

Education for Sustainability

To announce the new Strategic Plan for Sustainability, a process of awareness and education was carried out though training sessions with our collaborators and campaigns of internal communications. In addition, the strategy was launched with a video at the annual kick off event, which gathered together all gA collaborators. These actions have been enhanced with the creation of internal platforms, Discover and Drive, which contain specific sections on sustainability.