Message from the CEO

Committed to sustainable growth

Roberto Wagmaister

Founder, CEO & Chairman de gA

gA was born with a clear vision: to become a global leader in the transformation of business through technology built on a solid foundation: our values. These values have allowed gA to grow, while maintaining the spirit on which it was founded when were just 17 entrepreneurs, to what today is a multicultural base of more than 1300 collaborators providing services worldwide.

Our vision is to continue to bet on a company where entrepreneurial passion shines. To transform the business models of our clients. To receive the benefits of incorporating digital technologies throughout the value chain and integrating it with knowledge of habits and trends of consumption of the end user. The backbone that supports this great change is our People. Our Mission is to enable them to be part of the process that is changing the paradigms of value production and to convert them into the new workers of 2020: trained to innovate and execute these transformations.

We are a company with a sustainable growth based on values. This allows us to commit to our role in society and to the impact we generate on people and organizations. Sustainability is a management model that defines our way of being and doing things.

During 2015 we developed a strategic plan with a timeline to 2020 that establishes the commitments to guide the management of our company over the long term toward sustainability. This plan has nine gA commitments, resulting from a mix of the three differentiating pillars that are the essence of gA: Technology, Education and Knowledge; with a threefold impact: Economic, Environmental and Social; to achieve a transformation that generates sustainable development and positive impact.

“We are a company with a sustainable growth based on valued. Sustainability is a management model that defines our way of being and doing things.”

Once again we affirm our commitment to sustainability by adhering to the United Nations Global Compact. With this report we also announce our first Communication of Progress (COP), demonstrating our commitment to its 10 principles on labor standards, human rights, environment and anti-corruption.

Within a context of deepening volatility in international markets, political factors, increases in inflation rates and currency depreciations in Latin American countries, at gA we are deepening our commitment to sustainable business growth with a long-term view of our main differentiators: our people and the quality and innovation of our services. We created the gA Center for Digital Transformation with the commitment to generate greater knowledge and drive the process of digitalization in companies in Latin America, launching the first study on this topic; we implemented a new internal method to generate innovation for the development of new products and services, valuing the capacity of all collaborators; and we improved our delivery structure to make our services more efficient. At the same time, we continue to expand our sustainable growth and organizational transformation program, gA 25, in order to consolidate our collaborators as change agents, instilling in them a culture of leadership that represents our spirit and strengthens our passion and professional excellence beyond the position one has in the organization.

With sustainable growth as a founding value and as our guide in our day-to-day management, we reaffirm our commitment to work with all our stakeholders – our collaborators, investors, clients, business partners, suppliers, and our local communities – to continue transforming the present into a better future.

Through this 4th Report, we invite you to engage in conversation, to join the proposed initiatives, or to suggest opportunities for improvement. This year we again commit to a digital format that allows each of you to delve further into the topics that are of most interest in an agile and easy manner. We invite you to browse our report and to let us know your suggestions and ideas to continue improving day by day.

Message from the VP Corporate Development

Developments in our sustainable management

Paul A. Dougall

VP Corporate Development gA

This 4th Sustainability Report reflects the main developments carried out throughout the year in gA’s sustainable management

We continue to define new ways to optimize communication, allowing for a closer dialogue and adapting to the interest of our key publics. Following last year’s positive experience, this new Sustainability Report is presented in a digital and more dynamic format in order to bring us closer to our stakeholders.

Taking its process of elaboration as a management tool, this year we delved deeper into working with indicators to monitor our own performance along with that of other key areas in the company.

Through our focus on Digital Business Transformation (dBT) we continue enhancing the user experience, sustaining close and professional relationships with our clients: 39% of our sales come from clients who have had a business relationship with us for more than 10 years, and 49% from 2 to 10 years.

We developed new strategic alliances with DSI, Continente Siete and Boosteller to enhance our Global Alliance Network. This contributes to the diversification of our value chain and strengthens the transformation proposals that we carry out with our clients.

We created the gA Center for Digital Transformation, with the commitment to generate greater knowledge and drive the digitalization process in companies in Latin America. We carried out the first study on the state of digitalization in companies in the region in order to understand the nature of the challenges in the digital transformation of the economy and to develop recommendations for how Latin America can face those challenges over the next few years.

“We created the gA Center for Digital Transformation with the commitment to generate greater knowledge and drive the process of digitalization in companies in Latin America.”

We continue to strengthen the value proposition for our collaborators to reinforce their growth, motivation and development. In 2015, we designed processes to promote the professional development plan and personal growth of our collaborators through a new model for talent management, we consolidated the network of change agents in gA 25 Leaders Everywhere, and we invested in more than 129,000 hours of training.

We support education as the motor of transformation in our neighboring communities by accompanying more than 1,370 young people in designing their life project by giving them tools that allow them to excel in both the labor and academic world, through our Fostering a Future program. With the active participation of around 100 volunteers and more than 500 in all of our corporate volunteer programs, we promote the development of communities and look after our surroundings.

We aim to generate a cultural change in gA to “think green” through awareness campaigns and events with a global reach, recycling and volunteering actions, and innovations in technology to diminish the impact of our operations on the environment. In addition, this year we inaugurated corporate offices in a new eco-friendly building in Mexico.

All of these actions that we present are sustained by the invaluable contributions of our collaborators, with whom we cross pathways of learning experiences to search for new and better strategies that allow us to be closer to our stakeholders. We would like to especially thank the effort, commitment and motivation of those that contributed to this Sustainability Report, which we very proudly present today.

We invite you to find out more about all of our actions by browsing this report, and we welcome your input and suggestions to continue improving our management toward sustainability.