Commitment to our Environment

We create awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and promote sustainable practices and habits that inspire our collaborators to be change agents to minimize gA’s impact on the planet.

Based on our Sustainability Strategy, we have assumed a public position with long-term commitments that set our course toward sustainable environmental management.

  • New building

    eco-friendly corporate offices in Mexico

  • 57 Volunteers

    are “assagreeneros”, gA green volunteers

  • World Environment Day

    global campaign

  • 35,8% reduction

    in the purchase of plastic cups since 2012

  • “Earth Hour”

    we joined the campaign to promote the efficient use of energy

  • 1,132 Kilos recycled

    through a regional campaign on electronic waste

  • 57 Virtual servers

    recycled to optimize their use, improving service quality

  • Process improvements

    for separating and recycling waste in all offices

  • 54% of printouts are two-sided

    in Argentina


México Colombia Brazil Argentina

Buenos Aires

  • Cooperativa El Ceibo
  • Ecovolta
  • Fundación Banco de Bosques
  • Fundación Equidad
  • Fundación Garrahan
  • Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Huerta niño
  • Que reciclo
  • Reciduca


  • Centro Integral para Niños Excepcionales (Ciane)
  • Fundación del Hospital de Niños
  • Municipalidad de Tandil
  • Taller Protegido Tandil
  • Ecoponto
  • Multilixo
  • Posto 1
  • Organización ANDI
  • Aldeas Infantiles
  • Parque ecológico Xochitla

gA Green

We promote a cultural change in our collaborators to raise awareness about the different environmental issues and a change in our habits and daily practices.

Priority environmental issues for gA

Waste Reduction

Reuse and recycling

Rational use of resources

Paper, water, plastic and energy saving

Climate change

Responsible consumption, sustainable mobility, emissions, effluents and waste

We do this through

Earth Hour

NWe joined “Earth Hour”, a worldwide event organized by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) that promotes climate change awareness by encouraging individuals and communities to voluntarily turn off their lights. The objective is not only to save energy but also to create awareness about the need to use sustainable sources of energy, as well as to ask for political commitments to stop the global warming that causes climate change.

130 collaborators participated

by sharing photos through our internal social network, Gain; those who voluntarily joined the campaign received an illuminating device.

We took part by switching off the lights

and air conditioning in all offices

World Environment Day

For the first time, we carried out a global action to mark World Environment Day, with all of our offices working together to contribute to environmental protection. Through a variety of awareness activities, we achieved the following:

  • More than 300 Hours

    of volunteer service given

  • More than 125 Volunteers

    participated in the activities

Planting and harvesting activities

  • Construction of an organic garden for 100 families
  • A harvest that is able to feed 300 people

Activities to create awareness

  • Painting of a mural
  • Special day of recycling
  • Delivery of seed-planting kits
México Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile

Buenos Aires

We spent an afternoon at Kindergarten No. 930 in Avellaneda where, together with parents and the children, we learned how to make an organic garden.


Everyone was invited to participate in a special day for recycling materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and batteries.

A draw was held among the participating work teams, with one team selected to receive a plant to be adopted and cared for by team members.

We developed a mural to create awareness at the Dumas office.

We distributed boxes for creating seedlings.

We carried out a campaign for recycling batteries.

We participated as volunteers at an organic garden located in Xochitla ecological park.

Awareness campaign at gA offices

In order to contribute to social and environmental efforts to reduce waste, this year we carried out recycling campaigns for electronic waste and another for batteries. We also continued our campaign for double-sided printouts and gave “plant-able” diplomas to all gA volunteers who participated in these initiatives as a way to continue generating awareness about environmental protection.

gA partners with civil society organizations and local governments in efforts to separate and recycle waste in order to reduce environmental impact.


Recycling program at the Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires

354 kg of paper and 25,50 kg of plastic caps donated.

Paper and plastic recycling programs with the ONGs CIANE and Children’s Hospital of Tandil

68,1 kg of plastic and 89,5 kg of paper and cardboard delivered.

Electronic Waste Recycling Campaign

1.100 kg of electronic waste was delivered to our partner for this campaign, the Equidad Foundation, who reconditions computer equipment that is later donated to organizations and schools with limited resources. Donations were also made to Que Reciclo y Reciduca (Reduce and Recycle) who work to turn recycled material into scholarships so that youths can finish their secondary school education.

Battery Recycling Campaign

37,55 kg recycled with the Ecovolta foundation.

Collection of plastic bottles

121,5 kg collected in our Buenos Aires office for the organization Ceibo to recycle.


Donation of 0.5 kilos of paper to Multilixo

An organization that collects paper and sends it be recycled.

Delivery of 32 kilos of electronic waste to Ecoponto

A waste collection service offered by the city of Sao Paulo.

320 batteries recycled with the company Posto 1

The community of volunteers who call themselves the “ASSAGREENEROS” are leading changes in habits and practices.

In Gain, our internal social network, two online groups are operating, gA Green and gA Green Mx, which are made up of volunteers who exchange information and support the company’s initiatives.

In 2015 we held three meetings of the Green Global Committee, working to reduce the company’s environmental impact and to identify how the different regions can contribute.

  • 114 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 68 Volunteers

    are “AssaGreeneros”, gA green volunteers.

México Brazil Argentina Chile
  • 44 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 32 Volunteers

    are "AssaGreeneros", gA green volunteers

  • 42 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 21 Volunteers

    are "AssaGreeneros", gA green volunteers

  • 2 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 1 Volunteer

    "AssaGreenero", gA green volunteer

  • 26 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 14 Volunteers

    are "AssaGreneros”, gA green volunteers

New eco-friendly building

We consolidated our offices by moving into an environmentally friendly space that has movement sensors, intelligent elevators, green space and lower energy consumption overall.

Some of its features are:

  • 360° of brightness: of its 8 facades, 7 receive natural light.
  • Green spaces: 5,666 m2 of outdoor space with gardens and fountains.
  • Intelligent elevators: to streamline response time, elevators are assigned through a magnetic card that distributes use according to the weight and number of users.
  • Sensors: installed for lighting in restrooms, and for hand dryers and sinks in the women’s restrooms.

Green IT

We believe that we can contribute to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment through technology. For this reason the Green IT Program was started, through which we developed a number of initiatives to leverage technology to achieve efficient use of paper and energy and reduce the carbon emissions generated by our activities.

Technology to reduce and recycle

We implemented a printing control system together with an awareness campaign with the slogan "Your paper is double".

  • Brazil and Mexico

    adopted measures to control printouts

  • 54% of printouts

    were double-sided in Argentina

  • 12% of printouts

    were double-sided in Brail

Compared to 2014, in 2015 there were:

  • 4.240 fewer


  • 16% increase

    in double-sided printouts in Argentina

Technology for collaboration

Because we are a company that works with clients all over the world and has offices in a number of countries, business trips represent a significant impact on carbon emissions. For this reason, we have been working to develop and harness more collaborative technology and online communication to avoid unnecessary travel and increase productivity.

Internal social network Gain

VoIP phone system

For making calls between the different gA offices free of cost.

Blue Jeans system

Allows all countries to make cost-free videoconferences from multiple sites, using multiple devices. In 2015, we registered a 60% increase in the use of Blue Jeans, with 5,445 meetings, 1,255,549 minutes and 29,451 users who connected.

Savings achieved through the Blue Jeans system

2015 2014
45.461.002 km 24.137.312 km
89.835 km 27.107 km
597 km 217 km
--- 2.779 tn
--- 2.258.581 USD

Technology for operating efficiency

We are working on the virtualization of our servers for energy efficiency and to maximize the use of technology and innovation. Thanks to the installment of 254 virtual servers, we have reduced environmental impact, improved workplace quality for the collaborator and service quality for the client. Details of some of the successes achieved are:

  • Skype for business

    Concept tests to assess its implementation

  • Laboratory

    JDE / Oracle y AD&J

  • 38 Virtual Servers

    created for new in-house services, upgrades

  • 57 Virtual Servers

    have been recycled and are used for new services

  • gAcloud Service

    installed in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico for storage and collaborative work by management

  • 22 new sites

    Sharepoint for team and project collaborations