Commitment to our community

We aim to add value and generate a positive impact on the communities where we operate by enhancing skills, developing capabilities and opening up access to knowledge and tools for professionalization. We invest in education as the motor of change and we are committed to reduce the gap between work and education in order to promote the development of talent in our communities.

We defined our social investment policies to take on long-term commitments following our Sustainability Strategy.

  • 236.763 USD

    in social investment

  • 2.076 Beneficiaries

    of social investment programs

  • 504 Volunteers


  • 1.474 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 24 Strategic Alliances

Total social investment

  • 2.487 Hours

    of volunteer service since the program began

  • 2.076 Beneficiaries

    since the program began

Social Incubator

First stage in the development of an innovative program to promote the employability of young people

Education 3.0

Training for technical school teachers in new technologies required by the labor market.

Alliances and Social Investment

Mexico Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile
Total social investment

U$D 125202

  • Fundación Cimientos
  • Fundación Evolución
  • Fundación Pescar
  • Puerta 18
  • Asociación Empresaria Argentina
  • Dirección de Escuelas Técnicas de Buenos Aires
  • Argencon
  • Junior Achievement
  • Educere
  • Fundación Loma Negra
  • Fundación Equidad
  • Fundación Huerta Niño
  • Comedor Corazón Tandilense
Total social investment

U$D 27048

  • Liga Solidaria
  • Lar Social Casa Luz
  • Projeto AMAE
  • Hogar Tia Maria
Total social investment

U$D 28747

  • Fundación ANSER
  • Hospital de Pediatría Federico Gómez
  • Fundación Manos que ayudan
Total social investment

U$D 17531

  • Fundación Mundo Ideal
Total social investment

U$D 38235

  • Fundación EUDES

Fostering a Future

Fostering a Future aims to help young people who are in their last years of public secondary school draw up a life plan and provides tools that allow them to shine in both the labor and academic worlds.

This program consists in a non-formal education space that is built around the interaction between the young people, the company’s volunteers and an expert facilitator.

Through games, exercises and case study simulations, the young people gain knowledge, tools, aptitudes and confidence that they can use in the labor market and/or to continue their studies.

  • 7 Editions

    of the program in 2015

  • 1,373 Beneficiaries

    since the program began

  • 2.487 Hours

    of volunteer service since the program began

  • 331 Beneficiaries

    del programa en 2015

  • 470 Hours

    of volunteer service in 2015

  • 94 Volunteers

    involved in 2015

Topics addressed

  • Fostering with others

    To develop different skills and capabilities required in the labor market.

  • Fostering Studies

    Vocational guidance related to options for higher education in each community, working future and personal life project.

  • Fostering Work

    Tools and means for an effective job search.

  • 191 Youths


  • 265 Hours

    of corporate volunteer service

  • 53 Volunteers


  • 4 Editions

    in Buenos Aires and Tandil

  • 4 Alliances

    in Buenos Aires, with Cimientos, Pescar and Evolución Foundations, and in Villa Cacique, Tandil, with Loma Negra Foundation


Results and impact

  • 100% of volunteers

    recommend participating in the program

  • 95% of youths

    produced their CV

  • 100% of youths

    recommend the program

  • 100% of youths

    say the program helped them to define their plans for the next year

New alliance with Loma Negra Foundation

This new alliance has a shared objective: to accompany future generations in their transition from school to work. We made our knowledge available to young students in their last year at School No. 1 “Ministro Zarini” in Villa Cacique, where Loma Negra Foundation has been working for several years. This was made possible when the Foundation identified a need that could be met through the Fostering a Future Program.

I was happy to participate again in Fostering a Future. I attended the second encounter, where we held a CV workshop, and honestly the achievements of the kids and the dynamics that we were able to accomplish were spectacular. It is very rewarding to be able to pass on knowledge from your own experiences.”

Volunteer in Fostering a Future Tandil

Buenos Aires

Results and impact

  • 100% of volunteers

    recommend participating in the program

  • 78.5% of young people

    produced their CV

  • 100% of young people

    recommend the program

  • 97% of young people

    say the program helped them to define their plans for the next year

New working methodology

The program’s implementation in 2015 led to improved efficiency and quality. The new selection and focus on content were important contributions to this change.

It was a good and fun experience, a very clever and dynamic way to talk about and draw us into the job market, and information on looking for a job.”

Participant in Fostering a Future Argentina

  • 101 Youths


  • 120 Hours

    of corporate volunteer service

  • 24 Volunteers


  • 1 Edition

    in Sao Paulo with Liga Solidaria

  • Visit by Youths

    from ESPRO

  • 19 Visitors

    to the gA offices

The reception in gA was very motivating, it exceeded my expectations. I truly hope this project will continue helping and encouraging young people like me. gA gave me a goal and objectives. Thank you for this day! I hope to return, not as a visitor but as an employee!”

Participant in Fostering a Future Brazil

Results and Impact

  • 100% of volunteers

    recommend participating in the program

  • 89% of youths

    produced their CV

  • 100% of youths

    recommend the program

  • 95% of youths

    say the program helped them to define their plans for the next year

A great feeling to know that I am making a difference in their lives, which shows that no matter how difficult, they can accomplish what they want as long as they are persistent and have confidence in themselves.”

Volunteer in Fostering a Future Brazil

  • 39 Youths


  • 85 Hours

    of corporate volunteer service

  • 17 Volunteers


  • GAIN Platform

    Created by a group of participants and volunteers

  • 2 Editions

    of the program

  • 11 Encounters

    with each youth accompanied by a volunteer to experience a professional workday

Results and Impact

  • 100% of volunteers

    recommend participating in the program

  • 100% of youths

    produced their CV

  • 100% of youths

    recommend the program

  • 100% of youths

    say the course helped them to define their plans for the next year

The Fostering a Future Program helped me master new digital tools that I did not know about and to appreciate new knowledge as well as discover my own skills.”

Participant in Fostering a Future Mexico

The Fostering a Future Program was designed after an analysis of educational and employment needs in the region.

During the first half of 2011, we analyzed the gap between education in Latin America and the needs of the labor market, and identified the needs of youths who are unable to find their first job and the barriers they face when they continue studying.

As a result, we decide to focus on youths who are finishing their secondary school education. This stage is when problems finding a job begin. Many time at-risk youth do not have adequate information on the different work and educational opportunities, which makes it difficult for them to plan for the future when they do not have any similar experiences in their family environment. The school provides a setting for outreach and support that enables workshops to be held and high levels of participation in this initiative.

At the same time, we analyzed the knowledge available at gA that could be leveraged for the proposal. The corporate volunteers became one of the pillars of Fostering a Future, and our collaborators participate by sharing their knowledge and experiences and expose the young people to the realities of the workplace.

Fostering a Future was designed to be replicated in other countries and by other companies in the sector, and aims to impact as many youths as possible. Everywhere we implement the program, we look for local partners who understand and can help us analyze the needs of every community in order to adapt the program to local circumstances.

For implementation, we develop strategic alliances with civil society organizations that share our mission and help us to adapt the program to the realities of each location.

The format and duration of the courses depend on the community, and could be from five to 13 sessions. It always includes visits to gA offices so that participants can experience the workplace directly.

Social incubator

In conjunction with the organization Puerta 18, we developed a social incubator for artistic-technological entrepreneurships to promote the employability of young graduates from its professional specialization program. In this pilot program, the first entrepreneurship received development and implementation support through a series of talks with professionals from gA and business associates, who shared tools and knowledge that were important for the project.

The objective of this pilot program was to lead and promote a new model of employability and talent development. This allows us to make a contribution to problems of youth unemployment and the shortage of trained professionals who can make a structural impact in the communities where we work.

  • 8 Volunteers


  • 6 Months

    incubation period

  • 90 Hours

    of corporate volunteer service

  • 4 youths

    benefited during this first stage

By selecting Meraki, the clients not only chose a good project but it also gave an opportunity to us and to all the young people that follow.”

Member of Meraki

One of the structural problems in the communities where we work is poverty and youth unemployment. At the same time, we work in an industry where there is a lack of qualified manpower.

Needs of youths

  • Training focused on the labor market.
  • Early and worthwhile professional experiences.
  • Financial income.

Needs of companies

  • Attract talent with dynamic profiles.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Reduce costs and risks when hiring personnel.
  • Show the company’s commitment to sustainable development.
  • Develop initiatives with high structural impact that can be replicated

We drew on the ideas of the “Impact Sourcing” model launched in Africa by the Rockefeller Foundation, whose purpose is to create an inclusive model of employability that generates real jobs for vulnerable groups by providing services to companies. This produces a sustainable system of shared values: with a positive impact on the company that receives the service while employing a person who would not otherwise have a job.

Education 3.0

This program’s objective is to train secondary school teachers in the latest technology in order to contribute to the update of educational programs so they meet demand in the current labor market.

  • 285 Youths


  • 8,950 Youths

    indirectly benefited

  • 13 Volunteers


  • 120 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • Alliances

    With the School-Business Link of the AEA and the Department of Technical Schools of the Province of Buenos Aires

In these spaces knowledge is built. As teachers, we prepare ourselves to work in an educational environment and it is a challenge to get up-to-date with new knowledge we can use to prepare the kids for the real world.”

Teacher at the La Matanza No. 14 school

  • Frontend Development Training

    For 15 technical school teachers in the province of Buenos Aires.

  • 3 intensive days of course

    full-time in the offices of gA

  • Closing session to share

    Between teachers and gA directors, to reflect on the needs and challenges for the IT sector and technical education.

Results and Impact

  • 93% satisfaction

    on the part of teachers

  • 100% of teachers

    say it is very important for companies to share their knowledge with the education system

  • 100% place great value

    on the knowledge gained for their work as teachers

Over the long term, the content of these training sessions could be included in the curriculum for the final years of technical secondary education. This would not only make a positive impact on society and enrich the youths’ education but also reduce the time required to train new employees to use the latest technology. This double impact is what gives the program its true value, generating an obvious benefit for both the community and gA.

Today, a gap exists between formal education and the needs of the labor market. With our strategy to bridge this gap, to create more work and education inclusion, and to develop the talent that the IT sector needs, we opened a new avenue that trains teachers to be multipliers and brings the labor market closer to the schools. To choose the curriculum, we evaluated gA’s knowledge and course content regarding the latest IT trends, and through the School-Business Link program of AEA (Argentinian Enterprise Association), then spoke with the Department of Technical Schools in the province of Buenos Aires to understand their needs for updating teachers’ knowledge.

According to Argencon, the Argentina Chamber for the Export of Knowledge, Argentina has the opportunity to create 150,000 new job positions in the knowledge-based service sector. For this reason, the path that began with this activity leads in the direction of forging stronger ties to the education system, training teachers and youths in the new technologies that the labor market needs and finding alternative ways to search for talent.

I see this effort to bring the business community closer to education, I see persons committed and passionate about their work, that look to the future with hope. I believe that this initiative will help us build a better country together.”

Ramiro Hernandez
Director at gA

GSC Awards for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing

Paul Dougall, V.P. of Corporate Development, represented our company in the jury selection for the GSC 3S Awards of the Global Sourcing Council, awards that recognize the best sustainable practices of individuals and organizations that demonstrate leadership, innovation and responsible management. More than 30 initiatives were evaluated from companies in Africa, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The winner attended the annual meeting of the UN in New York, where Dougall also participated on a panel about the role of the private sector in achieving sustainability goals.

Argencon Sustainability committee

We continue to participate on Argencon’s Sustainability Committee, the chamber of knowledge exporters of which we are founding members. Through this committee, we create a space to discuss and work with other knowledge-sector companies to strengthen the impact of initiatives that each of us are carrying out.

In 2015 we worked with the other member companies on the Opening Windows program and shared concerns in terms of sustainable growth.

Corporate volunteerism

This year the program was strengthened and given a strong regional stamp, achieving global campaigns with local implementation in every location where we have offices.

We organized events in every region where volunteers were publicly recognized by gA's highest authorities. In addition, we reflected on the importance of volunteerism and the valuable difference that our company can make. Each volunteer was awarded a “living” diploma with seeds.


Total volunteers

Total volunteers since the program began: 455


Hours devoted to volunteer service

Hours devoted to volunteer service since the program began: 1.064


Beneficiaries of the activities

Beneficiaries of the activities since the program began: 1.732

Forging a Future

Our volunteers share their own work experiences, advice and ideas, giving the young participants an adult reference point.

Anxiety, nervousness, uncertainty, enthusiasm, these were some of our feeling when the workshop began. We were faced with a new challenge, a new school, new kids, and new expectations about the workshop. We gave it everything we had, our enthusiasm and that need to leave a mark. We went to Villa Cacique, a rural educational setting with another dynamic, another philosophy and another personality. During the encounters we were able to learn more about the kids and about the other volunteers.”

Volunteer participant in an intensive workshop

Global campaign – World Environmental Day

We invited our volunteers to participate in World Environmental Day, to promote actions and awareness about protecting the environment, uniting individual actions in a collective effort to make a positive and exponential impact on the planet.

  • +300 Hours

  • +125 Volunteers

Mexico Brazil Argentina Chile

Buenos Aires

In conjunction with Huerta Niño Foundation, we spent the afternoon in Kindergarten No. 930 in Avellaneda where, together with the kids and some parents, we learned how to make an organic garden and built one so that 102 children can improve their nutrition.

  • 16 Volunteers


  • 470 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 102 children and their families



Everyone was invited to participate in a special day for recycling materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and batteries. We also held a drawing for a plant to be cared for by one of the work teams.

Our volunteers painted a mural with our values and the main concepts of sustainability.

  • 26 Volunteers


  • 32 Hours

    of volunteer service

We raised awareness by distributing seed-planting kits to collaborators and clients.

We participated as volunteers to develop an organic garden located in the Xochitla ecological park.

Global campaign – Christmas solidarity

We developed various activities to celebrate Christmas in our communities.

  • 370 Beneficiaries

    of the campaign

  • 176 Volunteers


  • 192 Hours

    of volunteer services

  • 7 Organizations


Mexico Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile

Buenos Aires

We supported the work of the non-profit organization SonRisas, which helps 150 children in situations of poverty and exclusion in the town of Esteban Echeverría. We collected and donated new toys that were given to each child at the foundation’s event. We also organized a breakfast where we invited our collaborators and their children, nieces, nephews and friends to share time together, wrap gifts and learn more about SonRisas.

  • 15 Volunteers


  • 75 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 250 Children



We collected food for the Comedor Corazón Tandilense, which provides meals and childcare to 80 children of limited means, and we shared a Christmas breakfast with them.

We donated toys and clothing to 60 children at Hogar Tia Maria, a neighborhood association in the Jardim Paraiso area that helps socially and economically vulnerable families.

We joined Mundo Ideal foundation’s Christmas campaign to help families with limited resources in the San Joaquín area of Santiago, so that each had a Christmas package with which to celebrate the holidays.

We contributed to Hogar Verónica of the EUDES Foundation in Bogota with a donation of shoes for 20 children. This foundation houses children with HIV and AIDS, providing them with social and medical assistance.

We collected toys for the ANSER foundation for 120 children in the Federico Gómez Children’s Hospital; our volunteers visited the oncology area of the hospital to deliver toys to the children, who were overjoyed to receive them.

We collected personal care items for the “Manos que ayudan” Foundation, which helps the homeless, and volunteers who shared an activity with them.

Opening Windows program with Argencon

We developed a program with Argencon, an organization comprised of knowledge-based service companies including IBM, HP, INDRA, Accenture, PWE, Zurich, HSBC and Ch2M.

The objective is to share the knowledge and experience of corporate volunteers with youths who are in their last year of secondary school through an online mentoring platform that offers subjects such as introduction to the labor market, careers and universities, and export of knowledge-based services.

  • 14 Youths

    from the “Centro Pescar” participated

  • 14 Volunteers

    from gA

We improved the alliance’s platform with Wormhole.

We improved both results and interaction between the youths and volunteer mentors in alliance with Junior Achievement and the Pescar Foundation.

We organized a visit to the company at the conclusion of the program, so that volunteers and youths could meet each other and exchange experiences in person.

Local actions to increase smiles

  • 181 Beneficiaries

    of the actions

  • 156 Volunteers


  • 290 Hours

    of volunteer service

  • 8 Alliances

    and institutions benefited

Storytelling Friends with the Leer Foundation

22 volunteers went to School No. 53 “Bartolomé Mitre" to read stories to 40 children in 1st through 3rd grade. In addition, we donated 40 new books to the school library to further motivate reading. 70% of the volunteers who responded to the survey ranked the experience as excellent and 100% would repeat.

Running team for a children’s hospital

10 collaborators were our ambassadors in the 2nd race to benefit the Children’s Hospital Pedro Elizalde. The amount raised was used to purchase a PRIME CT scanner that considerably reduces the dosage of radiation and allows for a study to be made in less time, important in caring for children.

Donation of PCs to Equidad Foundation

5 recycled computers were donated to Equidad Foundation, a strategic partner of gA in the Green IT program.

Solidarity activities in Brazil

Once again we participated in Easter festivities, donating chocolate eggs and participating in activities to benefit 80 children in the following organizations: Liga Solidária, Lar Social Casa Luz and Projeto AMAE.

We also celebrated Children’s Day by collecting toys and 600 blankets for the children and youths of Liga Solidaria.