Commitment to our clients and business partners

Our commitment is to generate a positive impact by building solid, long-lasting and close relationships with our clients and business partners based on trust and professional excellence.

  • 78.2 millon USD

    in sales

  • 39% of Sales

    Come from clients working with us for more than 10 years

  • New Strategic Alliances

    Continente Siete and Boosteller

  • 654 suppliers

  • Strengthening

    our external relationships with clients

  • Development

    of the first study on the state of digitalization in companies in Latin America

Our value proposition

Through our Digital Business Transformation (dBT) approach we add concrete and measurable value to our clients through a transformation that enhances the user’s overall experience, integrating technologies and new models for using these technologies with the company: their core systems, their human capital and their business processes.

Mobility, social networks, cloud infrastructure, data analysis and the Internet are changing the way companies must define their business model, manage their operations and deliver goods and services to clients. At the same time, there are new types and levels of business risk that call for agility and resilience. Through our Digital Business Transformation (dBT) approach, we help companies prepare to adopt what we call “proactive disruption”.

Areas covered

This focus guides our clients along the way to encountering different phases, establishing a roadmap, designing prototypes, building, executing and maintaining a sustainable process of transformation. The result is a broad competitive advantage for their business in the new digital world.

Service lines

Business Consulting

We design and implement businesses processes and bring our knowledge about the best practices that work for every industry. With our strategic partners, we structure methodologies and accelerators in the following areas: Governance, Risk & Compliance, Supply Chain Management and Customer Experience.

Application Development & Integration (ADI)

Through this service and the Model for Quality Management, we help protect that which differentiates each client, providing support for integration and coordination of their value chain. We focus on the Solution Architecture so that what is developed adds value to the business from a Digital Business Transformation (dBT) perspective.

Application Management Services (AMS)

This service centers on improving processes and functionality, user training and support, impact assessment, and enhancement and continual improvement of the client’s application platform.

  • Consumer goods

    New technologies have created a “multichannel” consumer profile; the trend is increasingly toward eliminating the middleman. This is a challenge for the industry and demands coordination between contact channels and online sales as well as new commercial and marketing strategies. gA works with companies in this sector on consulting projects involving:

    • Models for approved regional processes
    • Automation of manual and semi-manual processes
    • Use of technology tools
    • Development of multichannel sales processes
    • Application of mobile solutions, wearables and IOT
    • Simplification and improvement of integrated business planning (IBP, S&OP, RCP, etc.)
    • Advanced forecasting methods that include concepts of demand sensing for optimization of projections
    • Analysis and optimization of logistic process through simulations
    • Optimization of transportation and fleets with management and tracking solutions
  • Retail

    With the arrival of new technologies that empower the consumer and radically change their buying experience, the retail industry has been led into a process of professionalization. gA works with companies in this sector on consulting projects involving:

    • Development of a single process model
    • Implementation of sales planning processes, taking into consideration the optimization of category management, store clustering, models and solutions for forecast and replenishment of goods, etc.
    • Development of multichannel management, adjusting to the convergence of channels
    • Asset management, expansion and maintenance of stores
    • Sales formats
    • Payment consolidation and reconciliation (credit/debit cards)
    • Integration of POS sales data with back office systems.
    • Unification of client data, support services, sales and logistics in a single repository that has information in real time for planning and decision-making.
    • Management of the sales force (shifts, effectiveness, etc.)
    • Projects to assess and build new customer experience models.
  • Manufacturing

    Digital technologies applied to manufacturing have a high potential for improving productivity, and today are revolutionizing the way goods are produced. gA works with companies in this sector on consulting projects involving:

    • Visualization of a digital strategy for the years to come
    • Single regional model for processes
    • Optimization of planning processes
    • Reduction in production and operation costs
    • Application of mobile solutions, wearables and IOT
    • Simplification and improvement of integrated business planning (IBP, S&OP, RCP, etc.)
    • Advanced forecasting methods that include concepts of demand sensing to optimize projections.
    • Analysis and optimization of logistic processes through simulations.
    • Optimization of transportation and fleets with management and tracking solutions.
  • Banking and Financial Services

    The banking industry is facing challenges to attain greater efficiency, integrity, transaction mapping, information transparency and integration of systems that support its daily operations while at the same time, the need to create a better experience for clients. They also face pressure from new business models based on digital technologies such as virtual banks and blockchains. gA works with companies in this sector on consulting projects involving:

    • SAP Banking Services
    • Multi-channel solutions
    • Optimization for assignment of receivables and contract approvals
    • Business Process Analytics / Business Activity Management
    • Data Mining for Business Analytics
    • Software Factory, Testing, Migration Services
  • Natural resources and energy

    The current situation is connected to extraordinary volatility in prices and demand, which requires energy companies to operate with extraordinary flexibility. gA works with companies in this sector on consulting projects involving:

    • Acceleration of value generation
    • Model for project documentation
    • Business Process Analytics / Business Activity Management
    • Analytics to optimize source exploration (mines, mineral deposits, wells, etc.) and mitigate exploration risks through advanced data mining solutions.
  • Pharmaceuticals and health

    In this industry, technology is a determining factor, the catalyst for great disruption within market segments. Many phenomena have occurred over the past 50 years, including an increase in public spending on health, increase in life expectancy and increase in chronic diseases, making it imperative for the industry look for efficiencies. gA works with companies in this sector on consulting projects involving:

    • Management of consigned products
    • Governance, risk and compliance for Life Sciences
    • Solutions to traceability, such as serialization and UDI (Unique Define Indicator)
    • Automation and effectiveness of the sales force
    • Solutions for hospital management and electronic clinical records

First case study from the gA Center for Digital Transformation

Latin America 4.0: Digital transformation in the value chain

We created the gA Center for Digital Transformation, with the commitment to generate greater knowledge and drive the digitalization process in companies in Latin America.

Within this framework, we developed the first study focused on the state of digitalization in companies in the region, entitled “Latin America 4.0: Digital transformation in the value chain”. The strategies and progress in 75 companies in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil were analyzed.

The objective of this study is to understand the nature of the challenges in the digital transformation of the economy and to develop recommendations for how Latin America will face those challenges over the next few years.

As part of the investigation, directors and managers contacted clients and had important conversations on the subject. The study was first presented to the Latin American business sector at the Council of the Americas event in Miami on December 10th. Later, it was presented to business and government in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, to great fanfare and participation from clients.

Main conclusions of the study

Why are Latin American companies unable to implement a digital transformation?

  • Approximately half of the region’s companies lack a clear digital strategy.
  • Other than the CIO, senior management is not involved in the digital transformation effort.
  • Most of the companies that are introducing digital transformation are doing so in an isolated manner.

To achieve the benefits associated with digitization companies must face a transformation

  • While Latin American companies have invested heavily in new technologies, expected gains in productivity have not yet materialized.
  • The degree of preparation for transformation on the part of Latin American companies depends on having a strategic vision for the company as a whole and a program to build capacities.
  • Digitalization improves productivity if companies restructure their operation, change their organization and attract/retain talent.
  • As soon as Latin America faces this challenge, the region will be ready to compete on a level playing field with the industrialized world.
  • Delaying the digital transformation of Latin American economies is not an option if we want to secure our future.

Our clients

An essential part of our success is based on maintaining close professional and personal relationships with our principal clients over the years. We provide innovative solutions that add value to our clients, aiming to have a positive impact on their performance.


Total number of clients


Evolution of the business

Within a context of deepening volatility in international markets, political factors, increases in inflation rates and currency depreciation in Latin American countries, gA has managed to maintain its overall volume of sales measured in billable hours compared to the prior year. Regarding sales measured in U.S. dollars, these fell by 14%, income measured in Euros increased by 1%. In addition, transaction volume shrank in Brazil and Mexico, but was compensated by greater activity in the Southern and Andean regions..

Gross Sales 78,2 M USD
Operating expenses 5 M USD
Employee salaries and benefits 52,5 M USD
Payments to capital providers 0,7 M USD
Pillars of client relations 15,5 M USD

Pillars of client relations

Commitment to results through the entire project life cycle

We accompany our clients from analysis through the acceptance and learning phase.


We are passionate about and committed to our clients and their businesses. We act according to our values and the policies and guidelines established by our Sustainability Strategy and the Commitment to Confidentiality and Intellectual Property.

Integrated practices

Only by keeping in contact with the client during and after implementation can we develop technological design, keep it current, and stay ahead of the market.

Total client experience

We want the client to live up to their market’s expectations, and exceed in all areas of the company: that their values are reflected in each process and that their customers feel that their personal needs are recognized.

"Walk the walk and Talk the talk"

We work with a network of specialists who are passionate and committed, ensuring the best talent on every project.

Quality Policy and improvement in the delivery structure

Our Quality Policy stands out because of a solid commitment to our clients to fulfill their expectations by offering solutions that go beyond a technological focus and contribute to improving their business processes. We accompany our clients through the project’s life cycle, from its beginning all the way to the process of acceptance and learning. In addition, we follow up to verify the return on investment and commit to the cycle of subsequent developments.

In 2015, we implemented a change in our commercial and delivery structure to improve client service and quality in order to:

  • Achieve Delivery Excellence

    with 100% of clients included in the One Firm vision

  • Optimize planning and administration

    of resources through a single view of demand

  • Make the Delivery structure more efficient

    Through the formation of centralized global pyramids

  • Allow industrialization and centralization

    of knowledge to promote the creation and reuse of assets

  • Accelerate response to clients

    by reusing available assets throughout gA

  • Achieve a greater sales force

    through unified global capacities

We look for continuous improvement in the Quality Management System implemented under ISO 9001. Our annual maintenance plan is designed to help us keep this certification and pass the annual audits.

Our Application Development & Integration (AD&I) area is certified under ISO 9001 2008 and the Guide 90003 2004.

Commitment to confidentiality and protection of intellectual property

We ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ information from the preparation of the commercial proposal until the services are concluded. This commitment incudes any data or information, whether tangible or intangible, that is stored electronically, exists in hard copy, electronically or graphically, in writing or any other media.

Intellectual property is also determined in conjunction with the client and protected under the terms of every contract.

Centers of excellence

gA developed three centers of excellence that include QA (Quality Assurance) methodology and services for projects focused on dBT (Digital Business Transformation) and on the main service platforms: CoE DBT, SAP and Oracle.

The Centers of Excellence provide quality and best practices guidelines related to dBT and the SAP and Oracle platforms, and they establish metrics, recommendations, architectures and training plans. They participate in the designs and architecture for projects and provide QA (Quality Assurance) support to projects and services to these areas.

We promote close dialogue with our clients through the following platforms:

  • Personal contact

  • Company website

  • E-mail

  • Client relations program

    with strategic clients through the gA Center for Digital Business Transformation

  • Opening of new LinkedIn profiles by country

    allows for direct interaction between business executives and candidates who want to develop their careers in gA

Responsible management of suppliers

We carefully select our suppliers in order to ensure the greatest quality in their services.

The majority of our suppliers are linked to the maintenance of our Delivery Centers, either through infrastructure or as service providers to our collaborators. The main services contracted include: telephone and Internet services, office supplies, cleaning and building maintenance, security and licensing maintenance.


11.926.348 USD

In every country where we operate, we prioritize the hiring of local suppliers, which assures us a prompt response to the every-day needs of our operations. In this way, we promote the development of the local economy.

The Purchasing and General Services Department is responsible for the supplier selection process. In accordance with our purchasing policies, all suppliers must meet rigorous criteria in order to be approved.

The Purchasing Policy defines the process overall. Based on this policy, areas interact with the purchasing department to request items and the purchasing department processes the requests in response to their internal clients.

The purchasing process in Argentina and Brazil is audited annually by Bureau Veritas. This audit process includes assessment of suppliers in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and the quality of the products or services supplied.

With a firm conviction to expand the supply chain quality in all of our operations, the system was implemented in Mexico, Chile and the U.S. The purchase module was also installed in Mexico, Chile and the U.S.

The Purchasing Policy defines the process overall. Based on this policy, areas interact with the purchasing department to request items and the purchasing department processes the requests in response to their internal clients.

Cleaning and security suppliers

are required to have all of their personnel to specifically trained in health and safety.

Cleaning, security and messenger personnel

work with our fire prevention group and are trained to respond to any emergency that requires evacuation of the building.

Suppliers in Argentina

are required to have documentation that supports their compliance with certain mandatory labor requirements, including valid ART insurance, payroll detail, and issuance of form 921 along with proof of payment. If the supplier is not a company but an independent contractor, they are asked to provide their certificate of registration, last payment and life insurance. This also applies to any external consultant who is contracted.

Our Network of Partners

Strategic alliances are part of our corporate culture. They contribute to the diversification of our value proposition and strengthen the transformation proposals that we carry out for our clients.

Through the creation of the Global Alliance Network, comprised of business partners in the market, we cover all of our clients’ requirements. This network of partners allows us to grow and plan for the future.

gA and Infosys have forged a strategic alliance in order to work with clients in the Latin American region and around the world. Infosys is a global leader in digital transformation. As a prestigious partner focused on building tomorrow’s businesses, Infosys helps its clients in more than 30 countries to outcompete their rivals and stay ahead of the innovation curve with a strong emphasis on using automation to improve service productivity. With 10 billion USD in profits in 2015 and over 160,000 employees, Infosys provides companies with a strategic vision for moving forward.


Abeam is one of the three largest technology-consulting companies in Japan and is that country’s top SAP consultant. With more than 4,000 professionals on staff, Abeam provides high quality service to more than 700 clients in Asia, Europe and the Americas. This strategic alliance opens up many commercial opportunities for gA, while at the same time generates great benefits for the Japanese company. On the one hand, it allows Abeam to provide services to Asian companies with offices in Latin America. On the other hand, it also offers us the possibility of accompanying our clients in their expansion in Asia with the support of a strategic ally in the region.

Abeam Consulting

Bearing Point is a European consulting and technology firm that helps its clients transform the way they do business, looking for concrete, measureable value. It has more than 3,300 consultants, principally in Germany, France, Great Britain and Scandinavia. Our strategic alliance promotes the shared search for referred clients and the capability of sharing resources and credentials, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. Our alliance also opens doors to European clients that require consulting services in Latin America.

Bearing Point

West Monroe is a business and technology-consulting firm based in the United States, whose objective is to help organizations by providing business-consulting services to transform their businesses. West Monroe Partners provides growth and efficiency to large corporations and medium-sized companies. From their offices in the U.S. and Canada, their consultants use their collective experience in diverse industries to help clients attain better business results.


SAP Hana is SAP’s platform for the digital transformation of the client’s business processes, characterized by a simplified user experience, ability to handle a large volume of data, and efficiencies in executing, planning and simulating processes. In alliance with SAP, gA remains the preferred global provider of digital transformation services due to exceptional knowledge of and connection to a variety of industry sectors. The platform’s advanced memory offers the user a personalized experience, which gA helps them to exploit by tailoring their dBT-Digital Business Transformation.


This SAP-owned company is a leading provider of cloud-based business execution software, offering tools for sales standardization, coordination of teams, tracking employee performance and organizational management for companies of all sizes in over 60 industry sectors. Today the organizational transformations led by gA for its clients can count on a global solution to administer its human capital while ensuring it is fully aligned with their business strategy.

Success Factors

This “best in its class” Oracle company, specializes in the administration of demand, sales and operational planning and commercial promotion solutions. This robust option allows clients to focus their organization on demand, resulting in higher levels of services and sales, greater customer satisfaction, lower inventories and reduced costs of distribution.


This marketing specialist with 54 offices in 29 countries is a leading firm in customer science. Using proprietary algorithms and tools alongside gA’s broad knowledge of the retail sector in the Americas enables us to provide unparalleled solutions to the challenges of the digital age.


Founded in 1997, Hybris is a global leader in digital e-commerce who was looking to expand beyond its European roots. Thanks to gA’s leadership and presence in the Americas, together they serve a wide range of vertical sectors by implementing technological solutions in the areas of sales and client interface.


Based in Palo Alto, California, JIVE stands apart as a leading supplier of collaboration and communications solutions. JIVE enables employees, partners and clients of an organization to work together more effectively. In conjunction with gA’s dual focus on technology and people in the workplace, this alliance generates solutions designed to manage the changes in organizations undergoing transformation.


MetricStream is a world leader in risk management through technology. Its market-leading digital applications in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) allow organizations to strengthen their risk management, compliance, supplier management, quality control and drive business performance.


Panaya specializes in technological automation of large data migration projects, which radically improves productivity while reducing the risks typically involved in such operations.


DSI is a digital supply chain platform that creates mobile and cloud-based solutions for the digital economy. This strategic alliance focuses on offering digitalization to our clients’ value chain.


Bootseller is a supply chain management consultant. This strategic alliance focuses on the digitalization of our clients’ value chain, especially regarding planning for demand, logistics, distribution centers, etc.


Continente Siete is a consulting firm based in Argentina, which has developed a series of mathematic algorithms geared toward analytical methodologies and big data for planning and predictive and simulation models. This alliance strengthens our offering for digitalization of our client’s value chain.

Continente Siete

SAP is a leader in the business applications software market, helping over 291,000 clients in 190 countries overcome complexities and generate new opportunities for innovation and growth. With more than 43 years of experience, SAP has forged alliances with highly specialized, prestigious partners, including gA since 1999, in order to perform business transformations tailored to organizations in every major industry.


Oracle is the world leader in the digital economy and has forged a 20-year partnership with gA to provide clients with on-demand solutions, analytics and customer experience.


Founded in the U.S. in 1977 at the same time as the first business system developers, JDEdwards is a widely acknowledged leader in ERP applications. After being acquired by PeopleSoft, it is now one of the pillars of the Oracle organization’s drive to bring innovative transformation to organizations. The alliance with gA has been an undisputable success story that has brought innovation and specialization to the industry. With knowledge of the EnterpriseOne solution that has capacities for mobile applications and next-generation devices, gA continues to be a key component for winning new business in the current digital era.


Salesforce is a leader in Cloud Computing. The® CRM and its Force platform offers windows management in order to provide quality service support, plan partner relationships and secure detailed analyses of each company. Founded 16 years ago with a vision to reinvent CRM in the cloud, the alliance with gA provides innovative, dynamic tools to transform sales, service, marketing, relationship management, applications and organizational analytics.


Software AG helps organizations attain business objectives sooner, through Big Data technologies, integration and business processes that allow clients to modernize operations, optimize processes and make better, more informed decisions while offering better overall service. Software AG is a leader in 14 market categories and has more than 4,400 employees in 70 countries, with sales of approximately 858 million Euros in 2014.

Software AG
  • National Retail Federation
  • All hands meeting
  • Latin America's Tech Revolution
  • SAP Forum México, Colombia, Brasil
  • VIP Breakfast Meeting eSocia
  • National Retail Meeting 2015
  • Companies in Argentina: expanding business to the United States
  • Reinventing the Consumer (Retail Challenges)
  • Total Client Experience at the Argentina-Brazil Chamber of Commerce
  • Council of the Americas in Mexico - AQ Roundtable
  • XI International Project Management Day in Buenos Aires
  • Digital Transformation in Latin America: Capturing Opportunities in the Digital Economy
  • Abiplast Competitiveness Seminar – The Future Profile of Brazilian Plastic Processing
  • Event with Argencon in the United States, promoting Argentina as a global service provider