About gA

We are a leading global Latin American firm in Digital Business Transformation (dBT). We are committed, proactive and team oriented, bringing professional excellence and integrity to our clients.

Our Vision is to generate sustainable development and create a positive impact by transforming businesses, people, organizations and communities.

  • 1,373 Collaborators

  • 129,151 Hours

    of training

  • 91.5 Hours

    average training per collaborator

  • 100% of Collaborators

    reached through the New Talent Management Model

  • 419 New Recruits

  • 175 Change Agents

Power Contest

an internal innovation competition to develop competencies and leadership for business transformation

gA Solution Center

new model for delivery


of the gA Center for Digital Transformation and our study “Latin America 4.0: Digital transformation in the value chain”

Integrated regional platform for commercial offices, delivery centers and staff locations

Mexico Brazil Argentina Chile Colombia Canadá United States United Kingdom Belgium

Delivery Center

  • Tandil

Commercial office and Delivery Center

  • Buenos Aires

Staff location

  • Bruselas

Delivery Center

  • Curitiba
  • Barra Funda

Commercial office and Delivery Center

  • São Paulo

Staff location

  • Toronto

Commercial office and Delivery Center

  • Santiago de Chile

Commercial office and Delivery Center

  • Bogotá

Equipo de trabajo

  • Cali

Staff location

  • Houston

Commercial office and Delivery Center

  • Miami

Delivery Center

  • Monterrey

Commercial office and Delivery Center

  • Mexico D.F.

Staff location

  • Leeds

Our Foundations

Our History

Entrepreneurial passion, our values, and the commitment to partner with and create value for our clients, combined to make the founder dream a reality. More than twenty-four years of history have laid the foundation for a company that today employs more than 1.400 collaborators, and operates throughout Latin America and in many other regions of the world.

  • 1992

    Buenos Aires

  • 2015

    Miami, USA

  • 1992

    Buenos Aires

  • 1999

    São Paulo, Brazil

  • 2002

    Monterrey, Mexico

  • 2002

    DF, Mexico

  • 2004

    Curitiba, Brazil

  • 2009

    Santiago, Chile

  • 2011

    Tandil, Argentina

  • 2012

    Barrafunda, Brazil

  • 2013

    Bogotá, Colombia

  • 2015

    Miami, USA

  • 1992

    gA was created in September of 1992, in Buenos Aires.
    Roberto Wagmaister, its founder, gathered 17 associates in a bar in the Retiro district to share his dream: create a technology services company to help companies transform their business processes and accompany them as they expand internationally.

  • 1999

    In 1999 international expansion begins.
    The company sets up in Brazil through the acquisition of Integrated Business Solutions Consultoría Ltda. In the first few years, the company grows by a factor of five and a half and continues to grow at a high rate to this day, with a team of 400 Brazilian collaborators.

  • 2000

    In 2000, a group of three consultants set up operations in a rented office to serve clients in Mexico. Today, this office has 350 Mexican employees.

  • 2009

    In 2008, gA becomes a truly regional organization, adding another operation in Chile and more recently, one in Colombia.

Highlights of 2015

With the global vision that is our hallmark, in 2015 we opened an office in the United States, in the state of Florida, in order to better serve U.S. companies poised for a business transformation centered on processes, people and technology in order to create value. The office joins other Delivery Centers in the region, and together with a new Delivery Center in Miami-Blue Lagoon, allows us to bring the Total Client Experience that differentiates gA in the business digital era to the U.S. market. We are moving forward with the first campaign to connect with the local market through the distribution of business content related to our capabilities.

We introduced a new internal model to bring innovation to the process of developing new products and services, by recognizing the capabilities of all our collaborators. First, we carried out the first “Power Contest” to provide opportunities for teams of collaborators to propose new solutions. Secondly, the management team was expanded, incorporating high-potential young executives into key roles for the generation of new products and services.

We are working to transform of our delivery model by creating the gA Solution Center. This change will help the company grow in a sustainable manner and at the same time, will promote accountability and revitalize our ONE FIRM business model by consolidating all consulting teams into a single organization. The gA Solution Center consolidates an integrated area for solutions and new processes aligned to the best practices in the industry. Also, it allows for centralized management and synergy among collaborators in gA’s operations and delivery on a global scale.

In association with Dr. Raúl Katz, a professor at Columbia University, we are launching this center to study the impact of digitalization on the productive sector in Latin America and how executives of the largest companies in the region are addressing the challenges of the digital economy. We have created a new space in our internal social network “gain” to share the new knowledge produced. The gA Center for Digital Transformation’s investigation, “Latin America 4.0: Digital transformation in the value chain”, is the first study focused on the digitalization of business in Latin America, analyzing strategy and progress in 75 companies in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. We provided opportunities for face-to-face discussions in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to share the results with the participation of clients, partners and key trendsetters.

Download the study

Our values

Our values reflect the foundation on which the company’s history was built and they guide our everyday actions, aligned to our new business model.

On this foundation, our corporate governance and our collaborators operate under the highest standards of integrity, ethics and transparency.

S Sustainable Growth
P Professional Excellence
I Integrity & Commitment
R Responsible
I Innovative
T Team spirited

Our corporate governance

The Board of Directors, the main governing body, is comprised of six members who represent different shareholders:

Management Team

President and CEO, Corporate Vice President, and Legal Counsel of the company.

Minority Shareholders

A representative of the minority shareholders, assigned by HSBC Latin America Private Equity; and a representative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) who participates as an observer.

Independent Professionals

Two members who represent the financial and consulting community in Latin America

  • Roberto Wagmaister


  • Paul Dougall

    Corporate Vice President

  • Jaime Kleldermacher

    Legal Counsel

  • Alejandro Preusche

    Independent Director

  • Miguel Gutierrez

    Independent Director

  • Cristiano Boccia

    Investment Director, Graycliffpartners

  • Germán Cufré

    IFC: Observer

Management Team

Their role is to oversee business management, including the budgeting and planning process, investment plans for business development, and month-to-month compliance. In 2015, we made changes to the organizational structure of the company in order to become more competitive and sustainable in our growth plans and in client satisfaction as well as to continually innovate to create greater value. For this purpose and to give us the decision-making agility required in the current business environment, an executive committee was created with direct report to the CEO and high-potential young employees were added to the Management Team to participate in the decision-making process.

  • Roberto Wagmaister


  • Paul Dougall

    VP Corporate Development

  • Alejandro Claudio La Pietra

    Vice President of Corporate Finance, Legal and IT, CFO

  • Adrian Jerbic

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Diego Lozano

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Paulo Eduardo Brugugnoli

    Chief Value Offering Officer

  • Diego Lozano

    MD Argentina

  • Ariel Capone

    MD USA

  • Jesús Macías

    MD Mexico

  • Pablo Calcagno

    MD Chile

  • Mariana Bevilacqua

    Life Sciences

  • Fernando Gamboa


Ethics and Transparency

Our Ethics and Behavior Manual establishes the code of conduct to be met by all gA collaborators. This manual clearly establishes the company’s commitment to carry out its business under the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics, and encourages collaborators to take personal responsibility for compliance.

During 2015, once our sustainability strategy was defined, the Ethics and Transparency initiative was selected as one of gA’s priorities for the promotion of responsible management. A multidisciplinary team was formed with representatives from the business, legal and sustainability areas to develop an integrated Ethics and Transparency proposal, and to continue to formalize and generate new channels and regional policies.

This proposal covers all aspects of ethics and transparency in relation to our stakeholder groups, and for 2016 the first step will be the implementation of a new Ethics Code and an anonymous reporting hotline for collaborators.

Commitment to our people

The professionalism and knowledge of our collaborators are the basis of our success in the market. We are committed to our collaborator´s personal and professional development in the belief that to fully serve clients, our people must be inspiring, proactive, ethical and innovative.

Career development

  • New Talent Management Model

  • 506 Coaches

  • 372 Mentors

  • 100% of collaborators

    evaluated during the Annual Performance Process

  • 23% of collaborators

    were promoted

We design processes to drive the professional development plan and the personal growth of our collaborators.

New Talent Management Model

We launched a new Talent Management Model that covers the entire life cycle of collaborators within the organization: from planning the search and selection to compensation and recognition components to assure employee retention.

This new model seeks to align our talent with the company’s gA 25 Leaders Everywhere culture and sustainability vision.

It measures employee performance and their progress toward development and alignment with gA’s key indicators. In addition, it serves as information on which to base training and development plans, roundtable sessions to improve skills and competencies, career plans, etc.

  • 100% of our collaborators

    are evaluated on their performance

  • 23% of collaborators promoted

    as a result of completing the process of performance evaluation from the prior year

The gA Talent Management Model is made up of 4 components:

  • Sourcing: assure the selection and attraction of profiles aligned to the needs of the organization.
  • Alignment: match the competencies and experience of people to the objectives and strategies of the organization.
  • Training and Development: promote the growth and development of personnel.
  • Recognition: Stimulate performance and growth through reward and recognition for their efforts.

Evaluates 3 components:

Development, Performance and gA Indicators: through the development of competencies in communication, leadership, learning, management and innovation, and by measuring achievements and contributions of collaborators, as well as their goals and commitment to the company, including participation in gA initiatives linked to sustainability.

Career plan

We have flexible career plans that enable our people to grow and develop. In our assessment process, we identify those collaborators that have the abilities, knowledge and capabilities to make qualitative career changes, assume greater responsibilities and empower their own growth. At the same time, this helps identify potential substitutes within the organizations.

This new model seeks to align our talent with the company’s gA 25 Leaders Everywhere culture and sustainability vision.

It measures employee performance, and progress toward their development and alignment with gA’s key indicators. In addition, it serves as information on which to base training and development plans, roundtable sessions to improve skills and competencies, career plans, etc.

Promotions by Category
  • 3

    Senior Managers

  • 6


  • 30


Coaching and mentoring program

Seeks to help collaborators grow both professionally and personally. Each collaborator chooses a mentor, and the company assigns a coach according to the person’s position and responsibilities. Coaches and mentors receive training as part of this program due to their importance in developing leaders and transmitting our values.

  • 505 Coaches

  • 372 Mentors

Quality of life

  • Health coverage plan

  • Feel Well program

  • Benefits program

  • 0.93% Level of absenteeism

We care about the health, well being and safety of our collaborators and have ongoing initiatives to improve their quality of life.

Health coverage plan

We offer all of our collaborators a health coverage plan adapted to the particulars of each region.

Workplace health program Feel Good

offers specialized talks, medical check-ups paid by the company and personalized medical consultations, immunization and blood donation campaigns.

Benefits plan

tailored to the needs of each country, these are designed to be flexible while allowing for personal development and improving quality of life for our collaborators and their families. They include: corporate discounts and discount vouchers, language courses and educational discounts, flex days, leaves of absence, and wedding and birth bonuses.

Culture and climate

  • gA 25 Leaders Everywhere Program

    Our program to consolidate a culture of leadership that reflects our spirit, energizes our passion and potentiates professional excellence beyond our official position in the company.

Training and education

  • 201 Courses

    for training

  • 129,151 Hours

    of training

  • 91.5 Hours

    average training per collaborator

Corporate volunteerism

  • 401 volunteers

    participating in activities

  • 794 Hours

    of volunteer service

Our human talent

  • 1.373 collaborators

Each year, we look to attract new talent to the team under a culture of inclusion that promotes equality of gender, professional profiles and national origin.

  • +20 Appearances

    in expos and job fairs organized by universities in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil

  • Interviews

    In-person and online, and group and individual interviews.

  • New corporate image

    implemented throughout the group for employment opportunity announcements

  • Certification of the selection process

    with ISO 9001 and ISO 9003, assuring transparency and equal opportunities for all potential candidates

  • 26% of those interviewed

    were hired

  • 419 New


In Argentina we launched a referral program, "Incorporating Leaders" to bring in new collaborators:

  • 27% of new employees

    came through this program

  • Recruits by referral

    • 6% in Mexico
    • 11% in Brazil
Human resources indicators for 2015
  • 1.373

    Total number of Collaborators

  • By gender

    • 872 Men
    • 501 Women
  • By type of employment

    • 1359 Full time
    • 14 Part time
  • By type of contract

    • 1343 Indefinite or permanent

    • 29 Fixed-term or temporary contract

    • 1 Intern

  • Por región

    • 665 Argentina
    • 334 Mexico
    • 298 Brazil
    • 40 Chile
    • 33 Colombia
    • 3 USA

gA 25 Leaders Everywhere Program

gA 25 is our program for sustainable growth and organizational transformation that lays the foundation for the company we want to become. It seeks to consolidate a culture of leadership that reflect our spirit, energizes our passion and potentiates professional excellence beyond our official position in the company.

Attributes of a gA Leader

  • Inspirational

    They love what they do, they perform with and transmit passion, they lead by example, impart values, set ambitious objectives, communicate powerfully, are good team players, bring out the best in everyone, empower others with their originality and work with a sense of purpose.

  • Empowering & Guiding

    They share their vision, lead by example, offer empowerment, contribute to the development of people, practice coaching and mentoring responsibly, provide useful feedback, facilitate access to developmental experiences, and take ownership of work.

  • Innovative & Proactive

    They do not wait to be told what to do, they “make things happen”, they try to streamline the way things are done and encourage innovation in others, and they volunteer when opportunities arise.

  • Knowledgeable

    They are proactive in acquiring new knowledge, use their knowledge productively, stand out because of what they know, generously share their knowledge and experience, and keep updated on market trends and the company’s offering.

  • Close to the client

    They build relationships of trust and maintain them long term, prioritize customer satisfaction for both internal and external clients, anticipate their needs, look for client feedback and operate as an advisor.

  • Ethical

    They are consistent in what they think, say and do, assume responsibility for their commitments and make sure that others follow the same standards.

  • Results oriented

    They deliver energy and passion to goals and objectives, are effective in making decisions, recognize the team’s effort in reaching results, and go “the extra mile”.

Change Management

  • 175 Change Agents

  • Network of Change Agents


The process of cultural evolution is driven by Change Agents. In 2015, we consolidated a network of Change Agents in the region to facilitate change and promote actions to improve the company’s processes.

  • 175 Change Agents

  • Completion of survey

    On overall culture and climate

  • Anniversary events

    for the gA 25 Leaders Everywhere Program in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Process improvements addressed

Coaching and mentoring program

along with the participation of the international Change Agents, we worked to reform this program in order to develop the Inspiring, Empowering and Guiding attributes. A new training plan was developed for Coaches and Mentors that will include new workshops for the “Be a Leader in gA” program in all regions, and breakfast meetings to exchange ideas among the participants.

Model of innovation

A team of Change Agents created the groundwork for a model of innovation that allows any collaborator to develop an idea and convert it into a product. This complements the “Power Contest” Competition.

What is a Change Agent?

A collaborator who has embraced the gA values, and chooses to help lead and inspire the development of a culture of leadership in the company. Searches for, promotes and multiplies cultural change.

Purpose of the Change Agent

To reach the entire organization, promoting and multiplying a culture of inspirational leadership:

  • Encourages desirable behaviors
  • First point of contact for fielding questions and suggestions about the company
  • Inspires and generates change by transforming attitudes and behaviors
  • Knows and communicates initiatives from the different areas in gA
  • Proposes actions for improvement
Mexico Brazil Argentina
  • 68 Change Agents

  • 3 Groups

    trained as Change Agents with 28 participants

  • Climate Survey results reviewed with Change Agents, who proposed plans for improvements
  • Monthly meetings held between stakeholders and Change Agents
  • 40 Change Agents

  • Monthly meetings held between stakeholders and Change Agents.
  • Five special meetings held with managers to develop strategic actions.
  • Analysis of progress made toward developing the attributes of gA 25 Leaders Everywhere among collaborators.
  • Assessment of the degree to which change has permeated to collaborators through a survey of 147 participants.
  • Actions proposed by Change Agents for their areas and projects aimed at improving the work climate.
  • 67 Change Agents

  • 5 Groups

    trained as Change Agents

  • 28 Hours

    training per participant

  • Climate Survey results reviewed with Change Agents, who proposed plans for improvements
  • Monthly meetings held between stakeholders and Change Agents


  • 941 Participants

    from all regions

  • 3,764 Hours

    of training provided through the Be a Protagonist in gA (SPA, acronym in Spanish) Program

  • 8 Groups

    trained as Change Agents

  • E.LI.GE gA (acronym in Spanish)

    gA Leadership and Management School

Be a Protagonist in gA (SPA, acronym in Spanish) Program

We train our collaborators to develop proactive attitudes toward work and other aspects of their lives. In this way, we have established a model for training the future leaders our corporate culture requires.

  • 941 Participants

    from all regions

  • 3,764 Hours

    of training provided

Culture and Climate

  • 75% of Collaborators

    participated in the Climate Survey

  • +20 activitie

    Vive gA (Live gA), Management Café and events

  • Internal communications

    Through Gain (gA´s social network); gA Portal and the new platform, Drive

Climate survey

The work climate survey allows us to hear from our gA collaborators regarding their opinions on the company’s culture and atmosphere.

Factors highlighted by our collaborators

Managers conduct business honestly and ethically, fair treatment regardless of position, and friendly work environment.

Vive gA (Live gA)

We enhance the work environment and integration of collaborators by celebrating important dates, milestones, family days, tournaments, and competitions among collaborators. We also organize events that celebrate our multiculturalism and promote sharing and learning about different customs.

Channels and tools for communication

We design channels and tools for communication that allow us to foster participation and a sense of belonging among our collaborators.

  • Gain

    Internal social network to improve communication within the company and to promote increased interconnectivity. Contains information on the company’s different practices, industries, and areas and on our value proposition.

  • gA talent

    New platform that displays the Annual Performance Process for each collaborator.

  • Management café

    Breakfast gatherings between our collaborators and company directors, including the CEO and the Vice Presidents, aimed at generating an informal space for integration and conversation.

  • Events

    Every year we have a Kick Off in each office, which represents an opportunity for teambuilding and a platform to communicate annual objectives. In addition, in 2015 anniversary events for the gA 25 Leaders Everywhere program took place in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

  • gA Portal

    Brings together the gA world in one place and through which applications, forms, a directory of collaborators, birthdays and all information of interest to our company can be found.

  • Campus

    On-line platform with courses for our collaborators’ training plans.

In 2015 we launched the platforms Drive (driveganews.com), focused on the gA 25 Leaders Everywhere program and internal initiatives, with 20 issues published to date; Discover (discoverganews.com) focused on the business, market position, alliances, competition; and gA discover us (gadiscoverus.com) created especially for the North American market.

Knowledge management

We create value by capitalizing on experiences and creating and reusing knowledge.

The Knowledge In Action Program (KIP) seeks to increase productivity and quality in our projects and services to clients through the reutilization of knowledge, and to improve operating efficiencies and reduce time based on the reutilization of solutions.

Available in all regions and countries for all collaborators, the program includes components of various types of knowledge such as processes, methodologies, and solutions and industries.

  • 201 Courses

    available online or in-company

  • 129,151 Hours

    of training

  • 80% of the Training courses

    are online

  • 31 New proposals

    have been developed for courses

KIP is backed by various applications:

  • gA Portal

    Access portal to applications for internal use

  • Solution Repository

    Repository for reusable solutions

  • Gain

    Social internal network to generate and communicate knowledge

  • Campus

    Training and educational plans

  • myKnowledge

    Self-directed knowledge and automatic generation of resumés

  • dBT Portal

    Methodology, guides, models and dBT accelerators

  • Clients gA

    Support for projects and service to gA clients

Knowledge certifications

We offer onsite courses to our collaborators, aimed at certifying knowledge acquired on-line or in the applicable institute.

  • 41 Tools

    for application development

  • 15 BEC

    English language BEC (Business English Certificate)

  • 2 Best practices

    for the industry

  • 1 Oracle

  • 1 SAP

gA Power Contest

We organized the gA Power Contest and invited collaborators to participate in this internal competition aimed at developing competencies that allow them to become leaders of business transformation based on innovation.

  • +261 Participants

  • 17 Registered teams

  • 8 Finalist teams

The Power Contest is not only an opportunity to think about and design an innovative solution. It is participating as a team and directly with the Management Team to define products of value to offer our clients. No matter your level or position in the organization, this is a unique opportunity for us to sit down together at the table and to think about the future of our company. This experience strengthens leadership to its full potential. It was a space for developing leadership to its full potential.”

Julián Rodriguez
Member of the winning team Nightwatch