Commitment to the community

We aim to add value and generate a positive impact in the communities where we operate. We therefore work to strengthen abilities, develop skills, and democratize access to knowledge and professionalization tools to generate employability conditions that enable Latin America’s development and growth. We invest in quality education as the motor of change, and we are committed to reducing the gap between work and education in order to promote the development of talent in our communities. Thus, we seek to accompany and contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Based on the definition of our Sustainability Strategy we are reordering our investment policy in the community, assuming long-term undertakings.

USD 173.218 in social investment
USD 621.585 since 2011
985 beneficiaries
3.061 beneficiaries since 2011
31 strategic alliances
44 since 2011
371 volunteers involved
1.535 since 2011
1.433 hours of
6.184 since 2011

Our Programs in Numbers

Fostering a Future

512 beneficiaries in 2016
15 editions in 5 years
4 countries

Opening Windows

25 beneficiaries en 2016
Program which helps young people in social and financial vulnerability to discover their vocation
2 years

Corporate Volunteerism

371 volunteers in 2016
2 years
5 countries

Education 3.0

The scope of this program, which provides training for
teachers with cutting-edge technological content, was extended.
474 young people directly benefited
13.107 indirectly benefited
45 teachers

Social Incubator

“Work to grow”
New innovative program for the promotion of
employability for young people with high potential and in
a situation of vulnerability
26 beneficiaries

Alliances and social investment

Mexico Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile
Total Social Investment

U$D 88889

  • Argencon
  • Asociación Conciencia
  • Asociación Empresaria Argentina
  • Comedor Corazón Tandilense
  • Dirección de escuelas técnicas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Dirección de Escuelas Técnicas de la provincia de Buenos Aires
  • Fundación Cimientos
  • Fundación Equidad
  • Fundación Evolución
  • Fundación Leer
  • Fundación Loma Negra
  • Fundación OSDE
  • Fundación Pescar
  • Fundación Siloé
  • Hospital de Pediatría Dr. Juan P. Garrahan
  • Junior Achievement
  • Molino Lamuna
  • Pecohue
  • Puerta 18
Total Social Investment

U$D 34123

  • Casa Maria Helena Paulina
  • Instituto Beneficente Viva a Vida
  • Liga Solidaria
Total Social Investment

U$D 11777

  • Fundación Forge
  • Fundación Mundo Ideal
Total Social Investment

U$D 9487

  • Fundación EUDES
  • Hogar Verónica
Total Social Investment

U$D 29542

  • Albergue infantil Inés María Gasca
  • Secretaría del Medio Ambiente de la CDMX
  • Un granito de Arena

Fostering a Future

Fostering a Future (Formando Futuro) was designed for young people finishing high school in public institutions. The objective is to provide knowledge, tools and skills that allow them to enter the labor market and academic world, utilizing games, exercises and simulations of real cases.

It is a non-formal education space built upon the exchange between young people, Company volunteers and the specialist facilitator. The program may be replicated in other countries and by other companies in the sector, thus reaching as many young people as possible.

To implement Fostering a Future, we developed strategic alliances with civil society organizations that share our mission and help us adapt the content of the program to suit each situation.

15 editions
27 since the program began
512 beneficiaries
1.885 since the program began
131 volunteers
996 since the program began
616 hours of volunteer service
3.103 since the program began


Fostering with others
To develop different skills and capabilities required in the labor market.

Fostering Work
Tools and means for an effective job search.

Fostering Studies
Vocational guidance related to options for higher education in each community, working future and personal life project.

11 Editions in Buenos Aires and Tandil
282 Youths benefited
96% more compared to 2015
56 volunteers involved
303 of corporate volunteer service
A new alliance created with Fundación OSDE
4 intensive workshops in Buenos Aires
2 in Tandil, in partnership with Fundación Cimientos’ alumni network



general satisfaction


of volunteers recommend participating in the program


of young people with a resume prepared


of youths recommend the program


consider that the course helped them define their project for next year

Own Source based on surveys to employees and beneficiaries

“It was great because I learned new ways to search for employment, make resumes, how to express myself and what not to do in an interview”.

Young participant, Argentina.

130 Youths benefited
23 volunteers involved
78 of corporate volunteer service



of young people with a resume prepared


of young people recommend the program


consider that the course helped them define their project for next year

Own Source based on surveys to employees and beneficiaries

"Participating in Fostering a Future was an excellent experience; it's an opportunity that the company provides to employees, who do not regularly do it claiming we don't have time. I learned that there are countless ways to collaborate with each other and even with little time, it is essential to help others. With young people, I saw how much I can do and I'm sure that in this experience I was the one who benefited the most! Congratulations to gA for this initiative."

Maria Laudicéia, volunteer, Brazil

20 Youths benefited
45 volunteers involved
132% more compared to 2015
218 of corporate volunteer service
We continued working with SERAJ, detecting improvement opportunities to increase the amount of beneficiaries.
2 editions of the program: 8th and 9th



of young people with a resume prepared


of young people recommend the program


consider that the course helped them define their project for next year

Own Source based on surveys to employees and beneficiaries

“I thank volunteers for giving us some of their time and for teaching us things that will be useful in the future.”

Young participant, Mexico City, Mexico.

80 Youths benefited
7 volunteers involved
17 of corporate volunteer service
First edition together with Fundación Forge

Own Source based on surveys to employees and beneficiaries

Social Incubator

Based on the Meraki incubation during the previous period, a new Work to Grow program was designed and boosted through the Puerta 18 Foundation in partnership with SAP and the Ministry of Labor. It is an innovative model for the promotion of employability aimed at socially vulnerable young people with high potential and specific job training.

With this program, young people graduating from Puerta 18 get their first qualified work experiences through internships in business ventures. It aims to help young people overcome their barriers to entering the market, and makes them discover their job profile according to the different job prospects: employed, freelancer or entrepreneur. They also receive support and assistance in their job search following the internship.

26 youths benefited

9 gA volunteers involved
youths are expected to get involved in 2017
81 undertakings reached
Alliance with the Ministry of Labor, SAP and Puerta 18 Foundation

Education 3.0

As an internal action standard, at gA we believe that ‘knowledge is to be shared.’ We embrace this value and promote it, working on private social investment strategies through our main asset: knowledge.

With Education 3.0, we train technical secondary school teachers in the latest technology in order to contribute to the updating of education programs to meet the demands of the current labor market.

Upon finishing the courses, teachers are capable of deepening their knowledge in the basic language used to integrally develop a web page. In addition, they have the tools to continue with a learning path on an autonomous basis and thus continue to enrich work in the classroom. In the future, we plan to create a virtual classroom to broaden the project’s scope.


The program was developed in partnership with the School-Enterprise Bonding Program (Programa de Vinculación Escuela-Empresa) of the Argentine Business Association and the Office of Technical Schools of the Province of Buenos Aires and of the City of Buenos Aires.

45 teachers trained
474 direct beneficiaries
13.107 indirect beneficiaries
48 hours of classroom training.
10 schools benefited.
8 volunteers
133 hours of volunteer service.
Contents: HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript, libraries and frameworks, AngularJS, Ionic.



of teachers very satisfied


placed great value on the knowledge gained for their work as teachers

Own Source based on surveys to teachers

"Very good. A very interesting initiative because it brings updated technology to education. It allows teachers to share their doubts with specialists."


Participation in international conferences

Paul Dougall, our Corporate Development VP, was a speaker in the webinar ‘Sustainable Supply Chains: Through the Lens of the 17 SDGs’ (Sustainable supply chain through the eyes of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals), as an example of a company with management oriented towards sustainability.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals and 169 objectives aimed at addressing the social, economic and environmental problems that affect the world, covering the next 15 years (2015-2030). It is a proposal generated by UN member states, together with NGOs and citizens all over the world.

Sustainability Committee in Argencon

We continue to take part in the Argencon Sustainability Committee, an entity that gathers knowledge export companies where we lead the sustainability table and are among its funding members. We seek to generate an articulation and joint work among the knowledge industry companies, to promote the impact of the initiatives carried out by each of them in this field.

In 2016, we worked hardly focused on employability. For that, the Opening Windows program continued to be implemented, as opportunity windows for young people in the knowledge export market, and discussions were held on the challenge of incorporating people with disabilities into the sector.

In 2017, we plan to work together with the Program 111 thousand of the Argentine Ministry of Production, which objective is to cover the industries’ labor demand based on knowledge, one of the sectors that has the greatest growth and exports services in Argentina, with the purpose of training young people that have finished or are finishing secondary school and still do not know what to study in college.

“As founding members of Argencon, we are leading and actively collaborating with initiatives contributing to develop talent to continue positioning Argentina as a pole exporting services to the world.”

Laura Canteros, Chief People Officer, responsible for Human Capital global strategy in gA.

Corporate Volunteer Program

Our volunteers convey corporate values through their dedication; adding value to the communities where we operate and taking care of our environment.



Our volunteers share their own work experiences, advice and ideas, giving the young participants an adult reference point.

More information about the program


Back to school

Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile
Buenos Aires

Educational material assembly and delivery day in a Kindergarten for 2-5 year old kids in San Telmo together with Fundación Leer.

261 kids benefited
21 volunteers
63 hours donated

Collection and delivery of school supplies to the Corazón Tandilense Soup Kitchen, organization providing shelter to a population of more than 500 families.

50 kids benefited
16 volunteers
16 hours donated

School supply collection to be donated to one of the shelters of Liga Solidaria, a social, non-profit organization carrying out social-education and citizenship programs benefiting more than 10,000 people. In the shelter, there are kids and teenagers from 0 to 18 years old whose families are not able to provide care and basic protection. Children stay there until they can go back home or until they are adopted.

20 kids benefited
11 volunteers
12 hours donated

School supply collection for kids from 8 to 12 years old who attend school support in Fundación Mundo Ideal twice or three times a week.
On the delivery day, volunteers shared a snack.

20 kids benefited
14 volunteers
55 hours donated

Collection of children and young people literature books for the library of Fundación EUDES’ Hogar Verónica, which works for children affected by HIV/AIDS.
Breakfast was held for the kids, as well as an activity where they were taught about the importance of reading.

21 kids benefited
2 volunteers
4 hours donated


We invited our volunteers to participate in the World Environment Day to promote action and increase sensitivity regarding environmental protection, thus gathering individual action in a great collective effort generating exponential positive impact for the planet.

Mexico Colombia Brazil Argentina
Buenos Aires

Together with Fundación Siloé, we visited the Las Hormiguitas Kindergarten in Villa Martelli. We shared an activity with the kids making toys with recyclable material.

70 kids benefited
8 volunteers
40 hours spent

In Tandil, we called for volunteers to learn how to make recycled paper in Molino Lamula, to raise awareness and to learn about the manufacturing process. Composed 100% of vegetable fibers, it is hand made to preserve the same characteristics it had in the past.

30 volunteers
56 hours spent

Visit to the Instituto Beneficente Viva a Vida. Training on sustainable practices and waste collection was given. Also clothes were donated.

20 kids benefited
5 volunteers
7 hours donated

We raised environmental awareness discussing about the importance of recycling for the kids of Fundación Eudes - Hogar Verónica, and sharing games and a snack.

24 kids benefited
2 volunteers
6 hours spent

We collected half a ton of electrical and electronic wastes delivered on the ‘Reciclatrón,’ a waste collection day organized by the Environmental Secretariat of Mexico City for recycling.

5 volunteers
7 hours spent


Mexico Colombia Brazil Argentina
Buenos Aires

Collaboration with the members of the Pecohue project, a social entrepreneurship program for the organic production of vegetables and compost.

18 kids benefited
17 volunteers
102 hours spent

Collection of food to prepare Christmas baskets for 65 families of Asociación Civil Rincón Solidario, which works together with María Auxiliadora Chapel at the María de la Paz Community Center.

65 families benefited
5 volunteers
5 hours spent

Kids’ basic products collection for Casa María Helena Paulina.

15 kids benefited
19 volunteers
19 hours spent

Collection of new clothes to be given for Christmas to the children of Fundación EUDES’ Hogar Verónica.

20 kids benefited
9 volunteers
16 hours spent

Collection of sleepwear for the elderly nursing home Un Granito de Arena, and for the children shelter María Gasca.

31 adults and 19 kids benefited
36 volunteers
60 hours spent

“Being supportive is a value that encourages us to be better human beings and better employees at gA. We learn by taking action!”

gA volunteer.


This initiative, developed from Argencon, an entity formed by knowledge-based service provider companies, seeks to help people find their vocation, preferably, although not exclusively, among more socially and financially vulnerable populations.

The program focuses on children on the last year of middle level education and who are deciding which college or university course to study.

Together with Pescar, 8 Argencon companies took part in this 2016 edition: Accenture, Baufest, EY, HPE, HSBC, IBM, PWC, and gA.

18 volunteers

107 hours of volunteer service
20 beneficiaries
100% recommends it to other mentors
75% of participants found the program very useful

"I would recommend the program to other employees because it is very useful, not only for the mentee but also for the mentor.”

gA volunteer.



Buenos Aires

We managed to internalize the idea of recyclable waste separation at each floor of the office, training 27 volunteers in the making of eco-bricks and sustainable construction.


27 volunteers


58 hours spent

We succeeded in having most employees participate in recyclable waste separation actions. For this, we trained 11 volunteers in the making of eco-bricks and sustainable construction together with Fundación Chacras, as leaders who will transmit it to others. Students of kinder 4 and initial level 4 of Colegio Nuestra Tierra de Tandil school, together with their teachers and directors also participated in the activity, so that knowledge is also kept in the community.

11 volunteers
28 hours spent

Charity Easter


Collection of Easter eggs to be donated to Instituto Viva Vida, a shelter with 32 children and young people who are socially, financially and medically vulnerable.


50 kids benefited
35 volunteers


35 hours spent

Blood Donation

Buenos Aires

Annual blood donation campaign for Garrahan Children Hospital, in our office.


18 blood bags were obtained
54 kids benefited


24 volunteers
24 hours spent

‘It was a very gratifying and emotional experience. Seeing the kids enjoy and engage with the proposed task, appreciating what they are offered without ever losing interest is very exciting. We should never stop doing these things. Let’s go for more!’

gA. volunteer