About gA

We are a leading global Latin American firm in Digital Business Transformation (dBT). We are a leading global Digital Business Transformation (dBT) company with offices and operations in Latin America and the United States. We create value by transforming business models, processes and the empowerment of individuals and organizations. With 25 years of experience, we are a strategic partner for companies wishing to achieve their business goals in the Digital Age.

Our sustained growth is based on sound values, leadership, commitment and the entrepreneurial spirit of our people with the expertise, innovation and professional excellence in our delivery model.

Our Vision is to generate sustainable development and create a positive impact by transforming businesses, people, organizations and communities.

1.349 employees
384 coaches
90,8 average training per employee
100% reached through the New Talent Management Model
Presence in 41 markets through 11 offices

Our foundations

25 years innovating and making history in the world

During this first 25 years, the entrepreneurial passion, our values, and the commitment to partner with and create value for our clients position us today as a leader company in digital Business Transformation (dBT). Far from being a target, this is only a stop in the sustainable growth path.

The challenges of the Digital Era and our commitment to the chain value based on innovation and professional excellence continue to encourage us to take action as on that first day.

That is why we are proud to announce the creation of Parabolt and the release of the publication ‘Digital ecosystems: innovation and disruption in Latin America’ by the gA Center for Digital Business Transformation created in 2015, as clear examples of our commitment to Digital Transformation and vision towards the future in terms of business development.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

gA was created in September of 1992, in Buenos Aires. Roberto Wagmaister, its founder, gathered 17 associates in a bar in the Retiro district to share his dream: create a technology services company to help companies transform their business processes and accompany them as they expand internationally.


São Paulo, Brazil

In 1999 international expansion begins. The company sets up in Brazil through the acquisition of Integrated Business Solutions Consultoría Ltda. In the first few years, the company grows by a factor of five and a half and continues to grow at a high rate to this day.


Monterrey, Mexico

In 2000, a group of three consultants set up operations in a rented office to serve clients in Mexico. Today, this office has 350 Mexican employees.


CD MX, Mexico


Curitiba, Brazil


Miami, Usa


Santiago, Chile

In 2009, gA becomes a truly regional organization, adding another operation in Chile and more recently, one in Colombia.


Tandil, Argentina


Bogotá, Colombia


2015 y 2016 - Miami, Usa

In 2015, gA opened its new office in the United States, in the state of Florida, to more closely address US companies and global clients ready for a transformation process in their businesses. In 2016, we consolidated its growth with five world-class clients who have trusted our more than 20-year experience and knowledge in the Life Science Industry.

Highlights of 2016


Parabolt is an incubator with focus in developing digital products that lands gA’s Digital Business Transformation approach. It is a new company, with its own management and advisory board.

Through its product portfolio and the generation of ecosystems around them, Parabolt stimulates and nourishes gA’s value proposition and generates a new business model that develops and markets recurring and scalable intellectual property creating shared value and reinforcing the importance of collaborative business for sustainable development.

Conocer más

Committed to digital transformation, within the framework of gA’s Center for Digital Business Transformation, a discussion space for private-sector executives, government representatives and members of the academic community, we published the book ‘Digital ecosystems: innovation and disruption in Latin America’.

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Our Values

Our values reflect the foundation on which the company’s history was built and they guide our everyday actions.

On this foundation, our corporate governance and our employees operate under the highest standards of integrity, ethics and transparency.

Sustainable Growth

Have a long-term view as a guide for our way of action in the present, being aware of our actions’ impact on our entire environment. Commit to the future with a positive mindset and attitude, convinced that it brings progress and growth, and assuming the responsibility to build in the present to achieve that.

Professional Excellence

Search for the highest quality standards in our actions generating added value from a proactive attitude to permanently extend our knowledge. It is about learning from the environment, managing to put knowledge together as a transformation driver, experiencing and leading the search for excellence through engagement in a professional manner, translating it into solutions that provide concrete value to our clients.

Integrity & Commitment

Being honest means being transparent, sincere, authentic, and coherent as regards what we do, feel and say. It means to give an opinion, disagree, build consensus. Being honest means TO BE rather than seem to be.
Being committed means to deliver, being generous in such delivery to commit to what we are doing in a responsible manner. Doing, proposing and encouraging others to join the effort. It is about being willing to do it and take the baton.
To combine integrity and commitment, it is essential to align our personal goals to those of the company and be part of this synergic construction.


The most significant individual attitude is to take Accountability. Own what we do, what we propose, transcend hierarchical structures to set new standards and go beyond each area thinking of the company as a whole. It is about taking prominence and knowing how to delegate; it is about forming a team without avoiding responsibility, viewing us as a key piece for everyone’s success. It is about reaching balance and openness, adopting a proactive attitude where proposal replaces complaint, and the individual actions within an empowered team reach the goals proposed.


We consider innovation as a convergence process where new things are created from existing elements. That is why we promote –both as an essential value for the sustainability of our business and as a differential characteristic of our employees– innovation as a permanent search for added value of aspects that can be improved and achievable. Technology is our tool to enable convergence of knowledge, to generate innovation translated into new positive impact solutions, taking into account our entire environment: our employees, clients and business partners, the community and the environment.

Team Spirited

The key of gA’s differential value lies on its teams. Commitment by each employees to the team and by the team to each employees is the basis for our success –it is what makes it possible for things to happen. In our business and the society where we live, a one-dimensional vision is not enough; added value and solutions are the result of converging multidisciplinary knowledge. gA plays a team game, where the best collective work, rather than the most skillful player, wins. That is why we do teamwork, to foster the richness of our individual contributions and be able to combine them in new succeeding, multidisciplinary visions providing a comprehensive vision of each matter.

Our corporate governance


The Board of Directors, the main governing body, is comprised of six members who represent different shareholders:

  • Management Team President and CEO, Corporate Vice President, and Legal Counsel of the company
  • Shareholders: A representative of the minority shareholders, assigned by HSBC Latin America Private Equity; and a representative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) who participates as an observer.
  • Independent Professionals Two members who represent the financial and consulting community in Latin America.
Roberto Wagmaister
Paul Dougall
Vice President
Jaime Kleidermacher
Legal Counsel
Alejandro Preusche
Independent Director
Miguel Gutiérrez
Independent Director
Cristiano Boccia
Investment Director, Graycliffpartners

Their role is to oversee business management, including the budgeting and planning process, investment plans for business development, and month-to-month compliance. to give us the decision-making agility required in the current business environment, an executive committee was created with direct report to the CEO and high-potential young employees were added to the Management Team to participate in the decision-making process. For that purpose, in 2016, leaders identified as having a great potential assumed more business responsibilities.

Roberto Wagmaister
Fundador & CEO
Paul Dougall
VP Corporate Development
Alejandro Claudio La Pietra
Vice President of Corporate Finance, Legal and IT, CFO
Adrian Jerbic
Chief Operation Officer
Diego Lozano
Chief Sales Officer
Paulo Eduardo Brugugnoli
Chief Value Offering Officer
Ariel Capone
Managing Director US & Head of Life Sciences Industry
Alejandra Fehrmann
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Martín Wagmaister
Managing Director Parabolt

The Extended Management includes the Management Team and incorporates the Managing Directors and the Solution Architects area.

Managing Directors
Adrián Jerbic
Argentina y Colombia
Paulo Eduardo Brugugnoli
Pablo Calcagno
Jesús Macías
Ariel Capone
Solution Architects
Santiago de Urquiza
VP & BML Lider
Ricardo Fish
VP & Chief Architect


Ethics and transparency are part of our foundational DNA, and our Code of Ethics inspires and guides our daily actions and attitudes to live the corporate values that lead gA’s way. All of us are responsible for complying with the Code of Ethics, gA’s practices and the legal requirements of the countries where we operate.

During 2016, we carried out a process to review our values and the Code of Ethics, for the purpose of reflecting and favoring the culture that has inspired us and allowed gA to grow, and based on which we protect our present and make plans for the future.

This process included a review of our international standards, and good ethics and transparency standards, the conceptualization of our values, the definition of desired behaviors inside and outside the company, the commitment to our business partners and the community, and respect for human rights. To do that, a multidisciplinary team was created, formed by representatives from the business, legal and sustainability areas, who developed a comprehensive ethics and transparency proposal, approved by the Management Team.

In addition, the mechanisms to ensure compliance with the Code were defined, including the implementation of an anonymous report line for employees to be able to ask questions and report breaches on a confidential basis.

During 2017, we plan to release the new Code of Ethics, to be complied by everybody at gA and for us to commit to live by the company’s values in our daily work.

Commitment to our people

We provide a quality work environment, based on personal and professional development, innovation, respect and diversity. Our premise of being near the client, being inspirational, being protagonists, innovative, proactive, and ethical.


384 coaches
100% of employees evaluated during the Annual Performance Process

We design processes to drive the professional development plan and the personal growth of our employees.

We have a comprehensive Talent Management model for the people’s development in the organization. This model covers the entire life cycle of employees within the organization: from planning the search and selection to compensation and recognition components to assure employee retention.


Within our Talent Management model, each employee’s follow-up is considered as well as the annual evaluation, which measures people’s performance, the evolution of their development and alignment to key gA’s indicators, and serves as an information basis to determine development plans, training plans, leveling tables, career plans, etc.

EVALUATES 3 COMPONENTS: Development, Performance and gA Indicators: through the development of competencies in communication, leadership, learning, management and innovation, In addition, it includes the application of a 360° evaluation model, from employee to manager.

  • 100% of our employees are evaluated on their performance.
  • 22% of employees promoted as a result of completing the process of performance evaluation from the prior year.
  • One of the new model’s premises is to provide more transparency in Talent Management. Through an on-line tool, everybody can know the results of their evaluation and see at all times who participates in the process, who evaluates, who reviews and who participates in leveling.

gA’s indicator management is part of the evaluation model designed to identify people’s willingness and approach towards the organization’s culture and values. Thus, we have incorporated the sustainability variable into employees’ Talent Management model, through their participation in social investment and environmental programs.

Career Plan
The Career Plan process allows us to identify those employees that have the abilities, knowledge and capabilities to make qualitative career changes. At the same time, this helps identify potential substitutes within the organizations.

Ascensos por Categoría

  • Senior Managers: 4
  • Managers: 8
  • Leaders: 27

Through this program, we accompany and facilitate each gA’s employees’s personal and professional growth and development. Each employee chooses a mentor, and the company assigns a coach according to the person’s position and responsibilities. Coaches and mentors receive training as part of this program due to their importance in developing leaders and transmitting our values.

384 coaches
338 mentors


Feel Well program
Benefits program
1,08% Level of absenteeism

Our priority is to promote the care of the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees and have ongoing initiatives to improve their quality of life.

Health coverage plan: we offer all of our employees health coverage plan adapted to the particulars of each region.

Workplace health program Feel Good: offers specialized talks, medical check-ups paid by the company and personalized medical consultations, immunization and blood donation campaigns.

Benefits plan: tailored to the needs of each country, these are designed to be flexible while allowing for personal development and improving quality of life for our employees and their families. They include: corporate discounts and discount vouchers, language courses and educational discounts, flex days, leaves of absence, and wedding and birth bonuses.


gA 25 Leaders Everywhere program
Our program to consolidate a culture of leadership that reflects our spirit, energizes our passion and potentiates professional excellence beyond our official position in the company.


77 new training proposals developed.
80 % virtual training.


371 volunteers participating in activities
713 Hours of volunteer service


1.349 employees
36% Women
64% Men
Country Female Male
Argentina 40,58% 59,42%
Brazil 38,57% 61,43%
Chile 19,44% 80,56%
Colombia 44% 56%
España 0% 100%
Mexico 26,87% 73,13%
USA 37,50% 62,50%
Total general 36,03% 63,97%

Our value proposition to the employee looks to attract new talent to the team under a culture of inclusion that promotes equality of gender, professional profiles and national origin.

  • 451 New hires.
  • We participate in more than 15 employment fairs, 2 of which on a virtual basis, in Argentina and Mexico.
  • We deepen the use of social networks and on-line platforms for job searches and interviews in selection processes.
  • We kept active the referrals’ program, Sumando Líderes, which has been successful since its implementation, enabling us to increase our resume base and to incorporate new employees. Thus, in 2016, incorporations by referral reached 32% in the South and Andean Region, 28% in Mexico, and 7% in Brazil.
  • We work regionally on an approved project for a recruitment and authorization process. In addition, we worked on a new corporate image for employment ads, using the same approach as in postings and interviews.
  • Certification of the selection process with ISO 9001 and ISO 9003, assuring transparency and equal opportunities for all potential candidates.
  • In Mexico, we made an alliance with ITESM Toluca so that final-year students can make their professional practices in the company. In addition, three Assessment Centers were carried out to hire 15 analysts through our internal academy, to train them in SAP and JDE technologies.
Human Resources indicators

Collaborators: 1.349

gA 25 Program

gA 25 is our program for sustainable growth and organizational transformation that lays the foundation for the company we want to become en 2017. It seeks to consolidate a culture of leadership that reflect our spirit, energizes our passion and potentiates professional excellence beyond our official position in the company.

We continue to deepen the cultural evolution process together with our Change Agents, promoting improvement actions in the company.


  • INSPIRATIONAL: They love what they do, they perform with and transmit passion, they lead by example, impart values, set ambitious objectives, communicate powerfully, are good team players, bring out the best in everyone, empower others with their originality and work with a sense of purpose.
  • EMPOWERING & GUIDING: They share their vision, lead by example, offer empowerment, contribute to the development of people, practice coaching and mentoring responsibly, provide useful feedback, facilitate access to developmental experiences, and take ownership of work.
  • INNOVATIVE & PROACTIVE: They do not wait to be told what to do, they “make things happen”, they try to streamline the way things are done and encourage innovation in others, and they volunteer when opportunities arise.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: They are proactive in acquiring new knowledge, use their knowledge productively, stand out because of what they know, generously share their knowledge and experience, and keep updated on market trends and the company’s offering.
  • CLOSE TO THE CLIENT: They build relationships of trust and maintain them long term, prioritize customer satisfaction for both internal and external clients, anticipate their needs, look for client feedback and operate as an advisor.
  • ETHICAL: They are consistent in what they think, say and do, assume responsibility for their commitments and make sure that others follow the same standards.
  • RESULTS ORIENTED: They deliver energy and passion to goals and objectives, are effective in making decisions, recognize the team’s effort in reaching results, and go “the extra mile”.

Change Management

  • 165 Change Agents.
  • Launching of Stand UP meetings on the sites of City of Buenos Aires and City of Tandil in Argentina, City of São Paulo in Brazil, and Mexico City, to improve internal communication on a direct and participative basis.
  • Follow-up of working teams in Mexico, City of Buenos Aires, and Brazil to reinforce engagement and detect potential risks.
  • Development of an application to manage Change Agents and their follow-up.
  • Relaunching of the Gain internal social network with renewed design, content and purpose.
  • Global space of gA25 LeadersEverywhere in our internal social network. Here employees are the protagonists and have an active participation in the program.
  • Design of a model of a participatory, horizontal interactive acknowledgment model for all gA sites. For the purpose of deepening gA’s culture based on our values, a multidisciplinary team was formed to prepare a globally renowned model that allows to highlight attitudes, actions and results aligned with our nature and our way of doing things. Therefore, the dimensions to be recognized and the methodology were defined, and the APP was defined, which will be internally developed so that every employee can participate, being recognized by and recognizing his/her peers. This will form part of current initiatives in Mexico and Brazil. It will start in 2017.
  • Release of the Curtas newsletter in Brazil to give employees access to the site’s news.
  • Automated plan for visits to employees at the client’s house for early detection of risks and equipment support.
  • New Training arising from the program for the purpose of raising awareness on specific core matters for gA:
  • ‘Digitalization in Latin America: the path to competitivity.’ Webinar with Dr. Raúl Katz. An analysis was performed on the results of the first digital transformation studio held by the Center for Digital Transformation for Directors, Managers, Leaders, and Change Agents. The activity had 70% participation.
  • ‘We All Sell.’ Under the theme ‘We All Sell’, our sales force team developed internal training aimed at understanding our sales process, competitor mapping, relationship with the client, as well as business partners and pipeline internal management. 355 class I and II employees were trained.
  • ‘Project Management, Transformation, and Financial Management.’ With an aim to continuous improvement, training sessions were carried out in Brazil for our Directors, Managers, Leaders, and Change Agents.
  • ‘Persuasive Communication.’ Two editions were carried out in the City of Buenos Aires and Tandil, Argentina, to improve scaling of key messages to be transmitted through change agents.

What is a Change Agent?

A employees who has embraced the gA values, and chooses to help lead and inspire the development of a culture of leadership in the company. Searches for, promotes and multiplies cultural change.

Purpose of the Change Agent

To reach the entire organization, promoting and multiplying a culture of inspirational leadership:

  • Encourages desirable behaviors.
  • First point of contact for fielding questions and suggestions about the company.
  • Inspires and generates change by transforming attitudes and behaviors.
  • Knows and communicates initiatives from the different areas in gA.
  • Proposes actions for improvement.


1.602 employees took part in training workshops.
5.978 hours of training given through workshops.

We train our employees to develop proactive attitudes toward work and other aspects of their lives. In this way, we have established a model for training the future leaders our corporate culture requires.

In 2016, we redesigned and renewed our training workshops to align them with the developments of skills we expect all employees to have. Thus, Training Plans were updated with the new workshops carried out.


Vive gA
We enhance the work environment and integration of employees by celebrating important dates, milestones, family days, tournaments, and competitions among employees. We also organize events that celebrate our multiculturalism and promote sharing and learning about different customs.

+20 Vive gA activities, Management Cafe and events
  • Carnival Party
  • Women’s Day gifts
  • Easter Party
  • National Holiday Parties
  • Father’s Day gifts
  • gA Kids
  • Friend’s Day gifts
  • Spring Day Party
  • gA’s 24th Birthday Party
  • Mather’s Day gifts
  • gA FFest 2016 (End of Year party)
  • Monthly Birthday Parties

We design channels and tools for communication that allow us to foster participation and a sense of belonging among our employees.

gA talent: New platform that displays the Annual Performance Process for each employee.

Management café: Breakfast gatherings between our employees and company directors, including the CEO and the Vice Presidents, aimed at generating an informal space for integration and conversation. We held these meetings with Change Agents, and promoted employees with high grades in the 360° evaluation.

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram: We are present in social networks through which we position the company, sharing business practices and the events where we are present, promote networking and make talent recruitment. In 2016, we used these platforms to publish vacancies and also to tell how it is to work in gA.

Gain: Internal social network to improve communication within the company and to promote increased interconnectivity. Contains information on the company’s different practices, industries, and areas and on our value proposition.

gA Portal: Brings together the gA world in one place and through which applications, forms, a directory of employees, birthdays and all information of interest to our company can be found.

Campus: On-line platform with courses for our employees’ training plans.

Knowledge management

Our vision is to create value by capitalizing experiences and creating and reusing knowledge. Thus, based on the design of the Knowledge In Action (KIP) program, we intend to:

  • Increase productivity and quality in our projects and services to clients through the reutilization of knowledge
  • Improve operating efficiencies and reduce time based on the reutilization of solutions.

Available in all regions and countries for all employees, the program includes components of various types of knowledge such as processes, methodologies, and solutions and industries.

369 available online or in-company.
77 new proposals have been developed for courses.
80% of the Training courses are online.

Launching of DARS

DARS (Digital Asset Reuse System) is the corporate solution to consolidates, publishes, allows to search and provides access to all of gA’s reusable assets.

The main focus is on reusable software components, which have already been documented and tested. The objective of the initiative is to improve gA’s competitive advantage through:

  • Leveraging of the organizational knowledge.
  • Implementation times reductions.
  • Efforts optimization.
  • Project costs reductions and improvements.
  • Enhancement of marginal contributions.

We offer onsite courses to our Staff, aimed at certifying knowledge acquired on-line or in the applicable institute.

  • Tools for application development: 17
  • English language BEC (Business English Certificate): 2
  • Oracle: 16
  • SAP: 33
  • Technology: 3
  • Methodology: 39